Rastus-Prophecies fulfilled

Yes, society went completely downhill after Christina Aguiliera finished the video to "Dirrty". Bushs leadership helped to bring the Iraqi population on the side of the US. Dogbert finally realized how wrong he was and became a conservative nut, the stated goal of Rastus.


Sorry to hijack this, but....

Dogbert and Rastus, please let me know what you think of my several long-winded posts on the rooster's "atheist and agnostics-EVIDENCE " thread. I respect your opinions. Thanks.

-David Jacobs

lol...very funny...VEEERY FUNNY...

OK, smart guy, (for the fun of it, )I'll respond:

1. I did not suggest that anorexic strumpet, Christina Aguiliera, would single handedly bring down the moral fabric of our country. I merely suggested that she's a thread in a vast fabric of sex addiction that is dangerous to the health and well-being of our young people.

2. Bush Leadership. We're still in a long process and I believe that if we're willing to stick it out, the Iraqi's will be ON THE WHOLE very grateful to the US for freeing them from the tyranny of Saddam.

Thank you for reminding me why I am the lighthouse of the OG...and you're just another shallow reef.

lighthouse = can be used by anyone without pay

shallow reef = grounded in the real world

Don't get into a metaphor war with me, sonny. Not many people could step out of that torrent of glass shards in one piece...

Well, luckily, most people donĀ“t understand your metaphors...