***Rate Fight Night 60***




Bendo made it great. But let's not forget the Walsh fight. 7 Phone Post 3.0

The Walsh fight brought the entire card down.

The Benson-Thatch fight was awesome though. Phone Post 3.0

The entire card seemed like it should be on the prelims to another card... But that Bendo fight saved it for me.

7.5/10. Phone Post 3.0

7.0 because of the Walsh fight. Benson and Thatch made up for it Phone Post 3.0

Just for bendo 10. History was made Phone Post 3.0

6.5/10 Phone Post 3.0

10 for Bendo x Thatch but I'm easy.. Phone Post 3.0

I'd go an 8. But I'm a big bendo fan and I liked seeing dan kelly win. Phone Post 3.0

Bendo's win is the feel-good performance of the year. I missed most of the card, but I'm glad I got to see that one. Phone Post 3.0

It was a C until the co & main...

C+/B- Phone Post 3.0

6/10 with Bendo/Thatch

4/10 without it

Bendo fight 10

rest 7 at most.

9.5 because all my bets came through Phone Post 3.0

D- Bendo v. Thatch saved it from being an F.

JewLuPlus - 5/10. Enjoyed the last 2 fights but the first 4 felt like I lost 3 hours of my life. Phone Post 3.0
Plus main event started with 2 minutes left in the show so if you didn't dvr the show after, you missed the main event. Bad producing. Phone Post 3.0


Cindy thank you for setting up a great evening.

Overall not great, didnt really get into any fights but the main event, the Cole Miller fight was decent but lost a lot of momentum towards the middle and end.

Card was an 8.

Main event was a 10.


BigDaddy15 - D- Bendo v. Thatch saved it from being an F.

Yep and I never thought a fight with Bendo could salvage a card (outside of a fight against Pettis)