Rate Horiguchi's Performance vs Chico

As I typed "performance," I couldn't help but being overcome by a French Canadian accent, haha.

So Chico Camus apparently gave Henry Cejudo a tough go and even provided some stiff tdd against the gold medalist. I didn't see the fight but Camus also stuffed everyone of Hori's td attempts. Hori is not known as a wrestler but id say that part of his game is under rated and trains with Kid of course. He had some good timings on his tds against Camus but Camus showed more good tdd.

It was good to see Hori mix it up with the tds even though he didn't get them. I think he showed a good variety of angles and attacks. He is def fun to watch there with regards to those attacks, riddum and stance changes. He just cant seem to turn it up on his opposition to prove he is on another level. He is beating them but not really making statements to catapult him.

Maybe Camus is tougher than he is being given credit for. I think Stann and another picked him in the upset - though not sure if that's just for PR. He def shoulda put away Gaudinot though. Hori has the volume and the power but just cannot seem to step it up when he's winning.

Again, I do enjoy his style though: the karate background, the broken riddum and darting in, the stance changes, the punch kick combos. And he did get back on track after the MM loss. MM even commented on the awkward style and difficulty tracking his riddum. I guess I woulda wished Hori came back with a KO.


127 of ya: not all at once, eh?

Horiguchi's speed and movement is something else. Kid is awesome to watch. I'd say his ability to dart in and out while avoiding counters is almost unrivaled in the UFC. Those stance switches are incredible too, but yeah he could use a little more volume at times.

I think Camus has a serious chin and many other fighters would have been seriously hurt or KO'd by some of those shots.

Yay! 1 response! lol....thanks Cap. Do you think he can run into trouble ducking down so low off a kick or knee counter? Im guessing he learned those for MMA and wasn't doing that in karate....

Yeah, just like I was wondering how flush Mendes caought Connor with shots in that fight (to determine how good Connors chin is), I wasn't sure how flush Hori caught Chico with his. It just seemed like Hori had the skills and had caught Chico enough to pull away......esp with Gaudinot which was pretty much a showcase fight, no?

Good breakdown. Tbh, it's a hard performance to gauge because I think it's difficult to look good against Camus. Would like to see "Gooch" against Ortiz or Moraga next. Hell, even Dodson. Phone Post 3.0

doerksenfan - Good breakdown. Tbh, it's a hard performance to gauge because I think it's difficult to look good against Camus. Would like to see "Gooch" against Ortiz or Moraga next. Hell, even Dodson. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, also tough to say against possibly the P4P best so early in his career. Id say he's def gotta work on that tdd but no one right now aside from Weidman can mix up striking and tds like MM.

But yeah, def wanna see him against any one of the guys you mentioned.

I also think that his style will be harder to figure out than Machida's as Machida's was pretty one note, try and counter you when you came in at a distance the opponents weren't used to. Gooch is way more proactive, offensive and has much more variety. More raw punching power too.

Camus is legit , horiguchi did well Phone Post 3.0


Solid B+ performance. Horiguchi is very legit. He got thrown to DJ way too early in his career, I could see him being champ in 3-4 years when DJ starts to show his age.

Maybe Horiguchi/Dodson next? Or Horiguchi/Cejudo if Cejudo fails to beat Formiga and secure the title shot.

Horiguchi was getting the better of the striking against DJ as well. He just couldn't stop the takedowns and DJ's pressure eventually wore him down.

yeah, DJ commented on the difficulty or awkwardness of Hori's riddum, Hori will obviously have to work on mixing his striking with tdd some more but none of the other guys in the div come close to the ability of DJ there at the same time.

Im sure he'll get a top 5 opponent next.


Jack Slack breakdown on Gooch

I think he mainly fights orthodox though, switches stances to southpaw but ortho being his base

I enjoyed the fight more than I thought I would, largely due to Hori's speed and footwork... It's just impossible to not rate everyone against DJ and for Horiguchi it seems like he'll suffer the same consequences as any of the last 5 guys who've fought him.

What Tomato Can said basically.

Since we're talking Karate as well and as mentioned in the Slack article, lmao at Kikuno...again. Just sad. 2 completely diff styles there between him and Gooch. Kikuno always had a weird style (that worked) but then made it just dumb.