rate my budget pc build (approx. $550)



good question

os: win 7

purpose: some light gaming (i already have a video card, but the built-in one is ok too), video editing/ripping, photoshop along with day to day web browsing/email

i may turn it into a home media center at some point

Cube cases are cool but you need to plan you build accordingly. Your processor choice is very bad. I just built a Antec NSK 1380 cube case. My processor choice was a Athalon X2 KUMA 7750 95 watt, bad choice on my part. Small cases need to be built with heat in mind since they lack airflow. I just ordered a Scythe Big Shuriken heat sink to help cool the processor and the ram and northbridge. I used a Asus M3A78-em. I might pass this set up to my brother and re-build this case. I like Antec Cases and PSU's myself.
ECS I don't like at all, for a motherboard providing you are not going to run a video card I would use this gigabyte with the sideport memory.
Ram whatever is cheapest, OCZ maybe, DDR3 1600 has decent prices.
For a processor think energy efficient in a cube case.
Good dual core
Good Triple
Good Quad (the one I'd choose)
Warmer Quad (Buy a better Heatsink)

Oh, and as for a hard drive I just ordered 3 Western Digital Caviar Blacks for myself and my brother and a buddy for external enclosures. I was always a seagate guy for years but the recent firmware quality comtrol issues drove me away, read the newegg reviews. I wanted too 1.5tb either caviar greens or 1.5 tb seagates none were reliable in the reviews. I currently have a seagate 1Tb and a WD Caviar Black and the seagate is quieter. For reliability I'd go WD, for noise Seagate.

I use these guys to order from. http://ncix.com/ and I use the pricematch feature on everything and shopbot to find the best prices.

Have fun building.

thanks for the input whitebelt

i still have my old minitower to fall back on, so i can toss all this into that if things get too hot.  current build not finished as i just got the parts in today; however, case seems to have pretty good airflow

will monitor temps and see what happens

Sorry man, I didn't realize you already ordered all the parts I thought you were still planning or I wouldn't have said anything. On the plus side if it is too hot you can crank it down since its a black edition. I have no idea how since I don't overclock but I was reading a review that mentioned it on newegg that you can undervolt it. Good heatsink reviews here if you do have an issue.
That processor you got comes with a good Asus copper pipe heat sink though, mine came with the crappy aluminum one. My case also came with a fan that goes in a PCI slot hole in the back to help out too so those are available.

  nono, its actually better that way.  i'd rather get good advice after the fact than none at all ;)

i'm still confident that the airflow will be ok (this case is much larger than most matx cases), as the processor has nothing above it and has an additonal fan at the top and bottomof the outside of the case, in line with its position on the board

either way, i can still go back to the old mini tower case


btw, the i5 was launched two days after i placed the order;  debated canceling but didn't.  fuck me! lol

The processor you have is more than plenty fast, I wouldn't worry about it. Just put a similar AMD 125 watt deneb 3.0 in a system for my dad (newegg combo). He was interested in Intel as well but the value wasn't there when we compared price/performance. They do make a good product though.

so far CPU is operating at a core temp of 103

other board sensors operating between 84 - 113 (not sure where the sensors are yet)

GPU is the hottest at 131