Rate my Gear part II

Ok I've a few new bits and pieces - is there anything I should really work on getting nexT (a clok perhaps):

Feroxx - My Rogue

Sanwey Bean - My Warlock

Wow - there are 5 other toons called Sawney Bean.

you need to work on gankin alliance, you have less than 1337 hon kills which is why it doesnt show on your armory profile

Most ppl get their Honor kills from BG - mine are done Face to face out in real world..

And by face to face, i mean sneaking up on you stabbing you in the back while u are half health and fighting a mob.

^^^ LOL ^^^

http://armory.wow-europe.com/?#character-sheet.xml?r=Outland&n=Omoplatapus - my warlock. grinding epic bracers at the moment, my bracers are the only greens i have left. also, ill be getting 40+ spell damage on my staff enchant later tonight.

'Your chance to crit is pathetic.'

Crys..Is AP more important?

Do the Egg quest in the south of Nagrand for the cloak and the Arena event for a shiney new dagger.'

Cool egg quest next -..

'Also, get the trinket from AB. This makes your spells uninterruptable by physical damage while the shield holds.'

Cool - I'll grind that in a level or 2.
I have no idea about Locks at all.