Rate My Risky FF Trade

So I am 2-2 and really need help at WR, so I traded Rob Gronkowski for Keenen Allen WR from San Diego.

Here's my reasoning, I have Greg Olsen TE from Carolina on my roster, who has been more productive than Gronk. I'm betting that either Gronk will not finish the season healthy or that Olsen will end up with numbers that are close enough to Gronk that picking up the top WR from the Chargers who are flying high right now and probably won't crash and burn until playoff time makes sense.

Anyone with me????? Bueller....?

I like it, Gronk will probably get hurt anyways, and even if he doesn't, Keenan is probably better straight up

Good trade. Especially since Rivers is the best QB in the league right now. Phone Post 3.0

Not a bad trade, you know what you're getting with Allen and Gronk can go either way. Rather then dealing with a coin toss (between Gronk getting hurt, or getting better and going back to being an elite TE), you get a WR which you need and still stay strong at your TE position. Not a bad trade if you didn't want to gamble on Gronk

Not bad considering Brady has been shaky this year.

My other WRs are Julio Jones, Emmanuel Sanders, Greg Jennings, and Torey Smith.

Yall are making me feel not so bad about this, thanks!

Risky in that Gronk could very well get better and better as his knee recovers. Even at what I'd say is 65 or 70 %, he's been a good option at TE. Phone Post 3.0