Rate My routine

whatever opinions or suggestions are offered a welcome.

I pump iron twice a week on Monday and Friday.

I do a conditioning session at the kenpo school I train at 3 times a week, tuesday, thursday, and Saturday. When I get home from these classes,I do a few circuits of body weight exercises and then do tabata intervals.



For weights I do Squats for 1x20 (1 set of 20 reps), clean and press for 2x6, deadlifts for 2x6, and side presses for 2x5. I do one warmup set of each exercise before my work sets, and follow my workout w/ grip work.

In my Kenpo Classes we do roughly 20 minutes of calisthenics (which are intensely paced, moving immediately from 1 exercise to the next, and never the same). When i get home i do dips, pullups, and 1-leg squats, followed by Taku's intervals (sorry, i slipped up in first post).

What do you think, well-rounded or short-sighted?

Any thoughts or feedback would be much appreciated.

Happy Holidays to all!


You didn't say what the goal of your training is. A program to develop muscle mass is different from training to gain local muscular endurance, etc.

No one can give you an accurate answer unless they know you are trying to accomplish with your training time.

Best in Health and Training, J. R.

I want more endurance, first and foremost, and more strength as a secondary objective. i would like to gain weight, but not rapidly, as I don't want my strength to bodyweight ratio to suffer. I also would like to cut more ripped, but I care more about function.

So, in light of my goals, is my routine effective? Is their anything you would do differently?