Rate my workout

I only have adjustable dumbbells, a bench, and a chin-up bar to work out with. So here's my workout.

Day 1:

Dumbbell bench Press

Incline flyes

Dumbbell rows


Standing dumbell curls

Dumbbell kickbacks

Day 2:

Dumbbell step-ups

Straight-legged deadlifts

Standing calf raises

Now I do each workout once every 4 days, which means I get three days off before I work out the same muscles again.

Now if this would be the OG I'd say I would not hit it and rate it as a 3. (If the workout had a p*ssy or at least one tit it'd be a 5)

As it is NOT the OG then I like it but would add quite a lot of variety: dumbbell becnch squats, weighted chins, dumbell snatches and military presses, and weighted ab exercises at least...

i'm not a fan of calf raises, i would put walking lunges instead. I'd put dips instead of kickbacks if you have access to dipping station

"dumbbell becnch squats,"

What's a dumbbell bench squat?

"weighted chins,"

I agree. But since I'm not strong enough to use weights yet, I'll be using BW only.

"dumbell snatches"

I don't know how to do them.

"military presses"

I'm going to lay off the shoulders this time around due to past injuries.

"weighted ab exercises at least..."

Suggest some.

Also, what kind of rep rangs and sets are we talking about here?

"i'm not a fan of calf raises,"

Why not?

I think it looks fine considering your equipment limitations. The only thing I would change are the kickbacks. Replace them with lying tricep extensions.
Also, you'll prob. get better bicep development with incline DB curls b/c of the increased ROM.

There's nothing wrong with calf raises. If you feel u need them for your calves/ankles by all means do them.

  1. A dumbbell bench squat: You hold your dumbbells (on chest or overhead or what's comfy) and then you squat onto the bench:)

Then raise up and possibly add rising to tiptoes. Make sure to keep the correct back posture all the time. Do not land onto the bench but go slowly. When hitting the bench you may relax your glutes for a really little while but not legs before you explode up and drive forward with your hips.

  1. Are you saying you could not do 3-5 reps with a lightest adjusted dumbbell between your legs? I think you might be able to. When you are mix up BW higher reps and weighted low reps.

  2. If shoulders are bad then include rotator cuff exercises with light weights.

  3. What I've seen is that abs are a really diverse body part in what works for one and what works for another. Experiment. Crunches holding the weight on chest, overhead, moving from chest to your knees etc. Holding legs 6 inches off the ground while a dumbbell is on them...

I can barely do chins with my BW let alone a light dumbbell.

In that case use kipping and jumping pullups and greasing the groove formula until you are comfy with BW and then add weight.

That's that thing. I don't want to do all those exercises in one day because, well, I'm a lazy bastard.

The two on/one off program sounds interesting.