Rate Pride 1-10 no spoilers please

For those who saw it already how was it? I can't wait to see it - what would you rate it from 1-10? And please don't post results. Thanks.

There is really no way to rate it without giving you a hint of what happened.

What RickyMMA said. Cant rate it without spoiling it. Do not ask why.

give it a 1-10

Just do it!



I have not seen it nor do I know the winners.

If it had bigger tits it'd be a 10.

8.0 solid


Could have easily been a 10.0 but........


LMAO @ But...

A solid 8...but...

From reading the spoilers and seeing the pictures, I would say that this Pride is definately worth the PPV. It seems the show was not disappointing. I say fighters and enthusiasts unite for a great night of drinking and fighting. 8.5

Ogawa pulls out a chair from under the ring and smacks Fedor in the head while the ref is distracted by a midget wearing a thong.

You just spoiled my lunch with that visual...

Bridget the Midget by distracted ref.

"If you don't want spoilers then why ask questions like this?"

Why would a 1-10 rating need to include spoilers?

because sometimes unforseen events occur which make rating more difficult as a result. if not for the unforseen event then I'd give it a 9

Well thanks alot. I'm no rocket scientist... but when people say those hints I am guessing there was an early stoppage or somebody didn't fight in a match they were supposed to. Do you people think we are stupid with those unwanted hints?!

I am now wondering if I should even buy it.

Sorry guys - I didn't mean to open a can o' worms

i read the spoilers and looked at the pics

that said i'm buyin it but only lookin at a 5 show

randy vs vitor alone should be a 10