RATE THE BEST NETFLIX shows/movies/ series 1-10

Currently on Netflix

I’ll start.

Breaking Bad- 10/10.
Kobra Kai -9/10

Stranger Things:

Season 1 - 9
Season 2 - 7
Season 3 - 5

John Wick,

I said rate them. Its going to get confusing if we are going to rate episodes and seasons.

Netflix is brain cell killing trash. It’s literally for zombies.

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Transformers War For Cybertron - 9
Transformers Earthrise - 7


Also cobra kai is shite bar nostalgia

A garter snake was just photographed in Central Park nyc. One had not been seen in many decades. You think they are back or some vacationer brought it back from their CT country home and released it once they didn’t want to deal with it any more.

Well, mad what shows do you like?

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