Rate the last book you read 1-10

Man's Search for Meaning, Viktor E. Frankl - 7.5/10


Man, what a tough read. Man's Search for Meaning is the story of how the author Viktor Frankl not only survived the Nazi concentration camps of WW2 but managed to note and study the psychology of how men dealt with the harshest and most hopeless life imaginable. From describing the scraps of food they were given to the beatings they received to how some men would turn on their friends, this book delves into an incredibly deep and dark side of humanity few have lived to tell about. I almost feel like I cannot rate this book, but I will try. 

The book is purely educational. Rather than focus on his own suffering in the camps Frankl describes what he himself as well as other inmates went through psychologically in the camps. From the various stages new arrivals would go through to the way the prisoners were slow to realize they were actually free at liberation, Frankl documents his time in the concentration camps through the incredible lens of psychology. 

I give this a 7.5/10 mostly as the second half of the book is literally a sort of textbook on Frankl's therapy "logo therapy" which in all honesty was unreadable to me. The first half however is a deep dive into what life was like in the heart of perhaps the very darkest moment in human history. 

I highly recommend reading this book if nothing else but to learn some valuable lessons. The message I received from Frankl: Regardless of the situations you are forced into the way you decide to react to the situation is your choice alone and in many ways will determine the outcome. 

kungfugrip -

The detective by Don Winslow on audible.com

8 or 9. About a dirty NY detective. Great dialogue throughout the book!!!

Nice. My dad just gave me The Force, also by Don Winslow. His cartel trilogy was amazing so I'm looking forward to reading this. Will stick The Detective on my wishlist. 

"Age of Entitlement" by Caldwell


Great book that shows exactly how we got where we are today. Not a conservative rant at all but a scholarly look at how the Civil Rights Act of 64 morphed into something entirely different and was used to subvert the existing order and constitution.

If it sounds dry, its not and after reading it you will be able to make sense out of the apparent madness that seems to have overtaken the county.

“A Wild Sheep Chase”, 7/10. Book flows and the prose isn’t choppy or overly complicated. Has elements of a detective novel with magical realism. 

Bumping for a later review. 

Undaunted Courage,  Stephen E. Ambrose - 10/10

Well fucking done. If anyone ever wanted a very detailed yet entertaing account of the Lewis and Clark expedition, this is it. It is a long read, but the book never stopped being interesting the entire read. I can't say enough, what a well written book on an important and amazing piece of American history and incredible story. I highly recommend this book.

Nine Years Among the Indians, Herman Lehmann - 6/10


Nine Years Among the Indians is the true story of Herman Lehmann who was kidnapped by Apache Indians as a young boy. Herman describes his kidnapping, how he eventually became a warrior in the tribe, the countless raids we went on with the tribes, and how he was returned to society after nearly a decade of living with the indians. The book was a fascinating look into life in the tribes however it is repetitive. Most chapters are about another raid, another indian or white man killed, or another herd of horses stolen. There was some about daily life in the tribes but most of the book are stories of going on raids with the indians. A good book, and a short read, and I believe anyone interested in the American west should read it, but be prepared for a lot of stories of raids that seem to blend together throughout the book. 

Less than zero   6.5/10


Not bad, a little repetitive. I’m not a big fiction fan though 


The devil in the white city   7.5/10


Good book but dragged occasionally in the architecture sections 

You have no idea how p*ssed I was that "World War Z" was nothing like the book.

Captain Canuck -

You have no idea how p*ssed I was that "World War Z" was nothing like the book.

Lulz. I mean it wasn't even remotely close.. not even a tiny little bit close. Even the zombies were different than the book. Its like they had a story from a different zombie book and named it World War Z for some reason. I don't get it. 

Just finished blood meridian for the 4th time. 


VU, I usually find a few good recommendations out of these threads. 

bhfsim -

Just finished blood meridian for the 4th time. 


Phenomenal book.  In my top 3. Maybe number 1.

Reading different seasons by Stephen King now. I have red dragon lined up next. 

the road was great, no country for old men is excellent. I need to read blood meridian. 

spookEtheghost -

Reading different seasons by Stephen King now. I have red dragon lined up next. 

the road was great, no country for old men is excellent. I need to read blood meridian. 

It's McCarthy's best work. 

All quiet on the western front


Lord of the flies 4/10 heard a lot about it so decided to check it out. Found it pretty boring 

Liberty's Last Stand, Stephen Coonts - 4/10


About 1/2 way through I almost stopped reading but continued. I seriously almost stopped about 3/4 but decided to eek it out. The writing is not terrible but is a bit simplistic at times. At other times it is an awkward mix of simplistic writing with poetic sentenced in between. Just strange. What really got me was the authors ridiculous bias in the book.

I lean pretty hard right politically on a lot of things but this book read like a right wing extremist jack off magazine. In the book Texas declares independence from the US after president Barack, I mean "Barry Soetoro," declares martial law and puts any American that does not have left-leaning views into prioson camps. Texas is obviously a right wing paradise; no abortion, criminals in jails for murder and rape are dragged out of prisons and shot, and all Mexicans are sent back across the border. He portrays Barack, I mean Barry, as some maniacal figure dead set on killing America and making it a socialist paradise by any means necessary. 

Not counting the complete and total blatant bais of the author there are countless plot holes, too many to count. They easily attack and overwhelm numrous giant military bases like Ft Hood and Ft Bliss with part of a Texas national guard detachment, take over a nuclear submarine and launch successful attacks on the US Navy with it using a crew of 5, the Texas National Gaurd has instant air superiority and is able to launch attacks on other states while the US sits helplessly unable to defend herself for weeks on end, they find giant stockpiles of weapons and rockets and never have any issues with shortages of food or ammo... and on and on and on... 

The best way I can sum up this book is: trash. I am on the right side of the political spectrum and this one came off as a ridiculous, cheese-dick, over the top far right fantasy novel. I could almost visualize the author jacking off vigorously to what he was writing almost more so than I could picture the actual content of the book playing out. 

Skip this book. I gave it a 4/10 because it has some exciting parts in between the never gonna happen in real life, pal, moments. That is probably generous. 

Animal Farm, George Orwell - 10/10

Orwell is a fucking genius. This was a great book to read at this crazy time in America. Orwell is a prophetic as always. A true I don't think I am really in a position to review the book other than to say it was excellent and like 1984, an eerily accurate prediction of the future. In a lot of ways we are living much of the book today. We are not at the end yet, but you cannot help but tie the various animals in the book to the factions of today. Just a fantastic book. I cannot recommend it enough. It is also not a super long book, so I recommend it to those who to do not read a lot or have trouble finishing books.

bumping as I have read 2 books since last update and am wrapping up another. WIll post reviews soon (need this up in my subs).