Rate the last book you read 1-10

Only plane in the sky    8.5/10

Harry Potter 1 - 8

Harry Potter 2 - 7.5

Harry Potter 3 - 8.5

Harry Potter 4 - 7

I just started Dune because of you fuckers. Not in love with it yet, but things have only just started happening. 

I just finished Dune, 10/10. 

i couldn’t put it down, found a website that had the entire book free online, so I ended up reading some of it while at work then picking it back up when I got home. I’ll probably start reading others in the series next week. 

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Invisible Monsters - Chuck Palahniuk - 6/10


I shouldn't read/rate fiction. The book wasn't bad but the entire time I felt like I was being tricked and was waiting for the big reveal. As if I was not being told the truth. As if some big bombshell would drop and most of what was being told was a lie. That was mostly what happened but because I knew I was being dodged the whole time I never knew what to believe and what not to beleive which ended with my just being confused. Like sarcasm on the internet, some things just didn't get through to me. Not terrible but I wouldn't go out of my way to recommend it. 

Go Down Together: The True, Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde - Steve Guinn - 7/10


The full story on Bonnie and Clyde. A good read but I think in a lot of ways a longer read than it needed to be. This book showed a side of Bonnie and Clyde most were not familiar with, mostly their extremely improvished upbringings and very close family ties the outlaws had. The countless times they risked long jail terms returning to the slums of West Dallas to see their families when every lawmen in the state was looking for them. How the outlaws spent most of their time sleeping in crude camps and how Bonnie hated that the press constantly pushed the idea that she smoked cigars (she didn't, she just posed with one once for a picture that became very famous). My knowledge of Bonnie and Clyde was minimal before the book, I now feel like I know more than 99% of American about the subject thanks to this book. What a cool history and Guinn tells the story in a detailed and to the point manner. To anyone who wants to learn more about Bonnie and Clyde this is the book to read. 

Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Commanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History -  S.C. Gwynne - 9/10


This one probably deserves a 10/10. Fascinating book about the Commanches, and the last tribe to hold out against the white men in the late 1800's. The book tells the story not only of the Commanches but the story of settling the west, the Texas frontier, the constant Indian raids and kidnappings, and how westward progress was stopped for decades where the Commanches lands began. The book talks about the brutality of the Commanche and other indian tribes raids. Rape, scalping, torture, kidnapping, etc. A time where the gloves came off and it was open season in Indians. The handing off of lands and changing enemies of the Commanches from the Spanish to the Texans to the Americans. The amazing difficulty the white armies had in penetrating Commancheria which spanned through Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Kansas. The way both sides ignored treaties and how moving to reservations was a slow and often times demeaning process. And finally, Quannah Parker, a half-breed Commanche war cheif who started life on the plains killing white settlers and ended his days with visits to Washington D.C. and giving speeches to amazed white audiences. This is a good one. I highly recommend it. 


Additional note:I never thought I would say this but I officially endorse books recommended by Joe Rogan. This is the second book he recommended on his podcast that I picked up and enjoyed thoroughly, the other being Blood and Thunder, a book about Kit Carson. Maybe he and I both like the same topic, that topic being the American expansion west? Anyway, I wanted to mention that this book was purchased off of Joe's recommendation and I must give credit where it is due, this book was awesome. 

I just finished Dune. 9/10. Good book. I tried to watch the movie and fell asleep.

I Have No Mouth but I Must Scream - Harlan Ellison.


Holy shit, this guy can write a short story… frightening.