Rate the Last Movie you Saw. 1-10

He was in a movie called “acquitted by faith”. Bet that’s a good one

HIs IMDb page reads pretty much like TV and direct to video movies

I don’t even remember him in that. I’d say starship troopers was the peak of his career.

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Sleepy hollow, alita battle angel, starship troopers… thats about it.




On a Tomb Raider level minus the hot female lead. Holland/Wahlburg were suprisingly unfunny despite the attempts at humor. Some decent action but that’s about it.

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Great fkn movie !


Prey - 6/10
Same complaints everyone else had. CGI sucked, tiny girl whipping Predator’s ass , why did all the badass Indians have Nate Diaz skinny fat bodies when they were out running and hunting all day?

But the main chick was hot as fuck.


I saw that Tarzan movie he was in late ‘90s. It sucked. He’s basically a soap opera guy who managed to get the lead role in a few movies, of which “Starship Troopers” is the only decent one because it was supposed to be cheesy.

Running is probably the key there. Being nimble is pretty important when hunting deer, rabbits, etc. and pretty helpful when being hunted by cougars and bears.

7/10. The only cringe-worthy part for me was after the Predator throws her around like a rag doll, not only does she kill it but pretty much walks away with nothing more than a few scrapes and bruises. Girl could clearly fight but more believable if they made her rely more on trapping and using her skills as a tracker/hunter than going toe-to-toe like a Spartan warrior.

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Theres a comically bad movie with Casper VD and Rick Fox ( Lakers player) called “The Collectors” where they played hitmen. It tried to play off of the Jules and Vincent dynamic from pulp fiction. Lots of scenes of them just talking to each other about stupud shit like the foot massage convo or Royale with cheese bit from PF. But yheyre both such terrible, terrible actors. CVD gets shot at the end and Rick Fox holds him as he lays dying. Last shot of the movie is Rick Fox yelling up at the sky “NOOOOOO!!”.
Its actually worse than Vaders “Nooo.”


Bullet Train - 7.5/10. Super fun movie. Really enjoyed it. Stay through half of the credits.


drive my car. 8/10. won at cannes

it’s for a very specific taste, but it’s different than marvel movies. it’s slow, beautiful with a unique plot and i’d say probably the deepest film one could watch this year. not to everyone’s taste or i’d rate it 10/10. you have to be good with slow and foreign films. i will say that murakami is a rare author who comes up with unique dialogue that is also simple and not overwhelming.

murakami usually writes magical realism, but this one is strictly realistic.

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Prey 5/10

Wanted to hate it, then saw some on the reviews on here and wanted to really like it.

In the end it was meh!


I need to see this


I’d like to watch this, but it’s three hours so I’ll have to be in the mood. Did it feel long? Given the premise as I understand it, it seems excessive - was it a commute in real time?

The Wretched

Fun summer horror flick. Not the best, but not bad. Kind of like Fright Night, but not. Neighbors are not what they seem. Drink a few beers and smoke some weed.




Didn’t realize Tangerine was the Kick-Ass kid until I checked the cast afterwards.

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Prey 6.5/10

Probably rivals predator 2 as best sequel.

Also, can Hollywood please get past the trope of the monster standing and screaming into the face of the hero. It’s always lame.

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