Rate the Last Movie you Saw. 1-10

Clerks 3-2/10 . Clerks doesnt even hold up that well imo


Bullet train 7/10… Was a hell of a ride. Don’t know if it would hold up for a second viewing but that first viewing was fun as fuck.


Banshees of Inisherin (HBOMax) - 7/10

Not as good as In Bruges but still very much the same feel and intriguing. Gleesons character was a little ridiculous and made no sense at all some of the time though.

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The Baytown Outlaws



Nothing special but a good little action flick. CGI was well done. Idris can carry any film.

Only complaint the night scenes were hard to see. Too dark. It kinda reminded me of Cujo in some scenes. Which is a compliment.



Road Trip- 7 out of 10… good old comedy from the 90s…


Miracle on 34th Street (1994)


The entire subplot with the mom and the neighbor is so fucking weird.

So when I saw this as a kid, I always figured the mom and the neighbor were boyfriend/girlfriend and then got married at the end.

Watching it now, it doesn’t even appear they were even dating until he asks her out. Then on their first date he tries to propose to her LOL.

Apocalypse Now: Final 10/10

Best road trip film ever

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6/10… fun little action/comedy/mystery.


Where the Crawdads Sing (2022)

I’m not really sure what to make of this movie. It was just entertaining enough for me to keep watching. The actors/actresses did fine, but its simply not that riveting of a story. My wife thought it was a tear-jerker. The “catch” at the end was kinda cool, I guess.

All in all, it wasn’t bad, I just didn’t think it was great either.


i enjoyed it, i think earlier i gave it a 7/10
watching the trailer i was not even sure what it was about, i found it dragged a bit but overall really enjoyed it

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While I understand your feelings towards this film, I don’t agree. I don’t have a problem with changing the races & sexes of the characters… a “re-branding” if you will. I think it’s nice that the characters have been cast to be more inclusive. I think it’s a mistake to look at these films through the lenses of historical accuracy.

I personally feel it rated a 5.5/10. It’s mildly entertaining/amusing. I think the actors/actresses were fine, the story was a little over the top, though. If you can buy into the action scenes of late 19th century women being undercover jujitsu fighters, the casting choices shouldn’t be a stretch either.

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It was a good throw back to all those action movies of the 2000’s dvd pre streaming era. The guy in the vest (Aaron Taylor Johnson?) is rumored to be the next Bond. I think he will be good. I like him in everything he pops up in.

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watched glorious after seeing the trailer. dumb terrible fucking movie

Always a trip he is/was Kickass.

I was bored yesterday and couldn’t think of a movie to watch. So I opened Tubi for ideas. There’s Something About Mary is on there right now. It’s still gold.


Wildcard- Jason Stratham - I say it was good action fights- not a great movie by any means but fun- Sofia Vegara was in it and she looked awesome.

I give it a 6

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90’s my ass. That came out in 2000 homeboy.

dammit this is hilarious