Rate the Last Movie you Saw. 1-10

What Lies Below (2020)


This was a fucking weird movie. Parts were good. It had potential, but it was very disjointed and the conclusion was a head-scratcher.

What didn’t you like about this movie? I think it’s great, at least 8/10 and everyone I tell to watch it seems to really enjoy it too.

I imagine everyone has Bloodsport and Kickboxer in their top 5, so it really comes down to the other 3. I usually go with Lionheart, JCVD, and Nowhere To Run. But Timecop is right up there too.

Awesome movie! Probably my number 1 since that’s the one that had the most impact on me when I was a kid. I fucking loved it and still do! That Bill Wray No Mercy walk out!

I was going through some of Van Damme’s filmography and I am amazed how many great films he has!

What Chimonos and you listed + The Quest, Hard Target, Street Fighter (it’s good damn it), Maximum Risk, Death Warrant, The Bouncer, Replicant, Double Team… OK I like Jean Claude.

JCVD (the movie) was kinda boring though to be honest, dragged a bit too much.


It gets at least an 8/10 just because of the bitchin Marlin lever action and its use

She was such a cunt, if it ended any other way I would’ve been pissed. But it was nice to see her get blown away.

I lovedCyborg when I was a kid, even though its a shitty Cannon films relic, that uses paintball guns as the futuristic “guns”

The set was originally going to be the Eternia set for a Masters of the Universe sequel that never happened

The Lord of the Rings (Extended Edition)

One of the best trilogies of all time. Everything is just so well crafted and put together, from the acting to the visuals and audio to the story etc. The battles of Helms Deep and Minas Tirith are amazing. The only real weak point is the length which hurts the re-watchability. The extended editions average about 4 hours each.

The Fellowship of the Ring - 8.5/10
The Two Towers - 8.7/10
The Return of the King - 9/10

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Mallrats - 5/10

Can’t remember why I even bought this dvd back in the day, must have got it for cheap. Not the best Kevin Smith movie.

Bad Trip- 8.5. Pretty fucking hilarious.

Man of Steel - 8.7/10

Awesome superhero movie. Great story, great action/fights. Fuck the haters, I really like this movie.

Willy’s Wonderland - 7

Just Nicolas Cage doing Nicolas Cage things.

The Matrix - 9/10
Not very many movies can be described as groundbreaking, but this is definitely one of them.

The Matrix Reloaded - 7.8/10
This is a great movie up until the architect, just felt like it killed the whole momentum of the movie and didn’t live up to the build up. Otherwise I really enjoy it, the twins were great, freeway chase was badass, neo fighting all the smiths was cool, and of course Monica Belluci’s cleavage is epic.

The Matrix Revolutions - 6/10
Not as good as the first 2, dragged on for too long in many spots, shitty way to end the trilogy, I start to lose interest towards the end. I have zero hope for Matrix 4 being any good especially since the directors are trans fags now.

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The Mechanic - 6.3/10

Hitman flick, not really spectacular in any way but still worth watching. Decent action and story. Ben Foster is pretty good as usual.

Burn after reading is free to watch with ads on imdb TV app. So funny. Highly recommended.

The Russians?!?!

9.375 out of 10.

Happily 5/10

There’s pieces of a good dark comedy there but it just doesn’t work as a whole, like at all. More irritating than anything. Joel McHale does a good job.

A couple of good laughs.

Miracle Mile 7/10

Not bad, I’m not sure if it’s been pointed out and I’m probably making an obvious point, but was cloverfields plot not a carbon copy of this film? Even the ending was pretty much the same

The New Mutants 4.5/10, meh. Could have been a lot better.

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Memento - 8.5/10

Chris Nolan is one of the best directors of all time.


The Men Who Stare At Goats - 6/10

Goofy oddball movie. Dumb but in a somewhat entertaining slightly funny kind of way.