Rate the Last Movie you Saw. 1-10

Mortal Kombat. Just for the record, I’m aware of mortal kombat but not really familiar with the game and it’s lore. Wasn’t sure what was made up for the movie and what was from the source material. But I could tell something about it didn’t feel authentic. But the fatalities were cool and surprised how funny Kano was and the dude in the mask was cool. 6.5 out of 10. And that’s probably generous.

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The Kid Detective

Very good childlike dark humor neo noir. Handles tonal shifts really well which can be difficult to pull off. It also works as a great character study on many levels. Adam Brody is so good in this, been waiting for him to get a chance in a leading role and he crushed his performance. Highly recommended.


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Knives Out was so damn good. Apparently Netflix is producing THREE more movies coming directed by Rian Johnson.

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Yes I feel largely the same. I’ll download a handful of movies that are highly rated it at least above average. I’ll start watching and usually within 30 minutes I’m just not hooked… usually they are rehashing the same ideas over and over. I get it though in that today audiences are jaded and it’s very hard to really shock us or wow us

The last modern comedy I watched was Coming 2 America. I loved the first so I thought it would be decent. Wrong, it was fucking terrible …

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I turned it off 6 minutes in lol

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I didn’t even Try CTA2, the writing was on the wall for that one. I prefer to not have my enjoyment of the first one tarnished by a shit money grab sequel that (by what I’ve read) rehashing the same jokes in a less funny manner.

Finally got to finish Kong vs Godzilla… visually pretty cool. But the story line was written by a 7 month old retarded kid. I mean how did this get made? I get it that’s its an action movie about giant monsters (they hit that out of the park) but god damn like 10 minutes of work on a script would have been great too.


Riders of Justice. 9/10. Movie is genius. Really funny, some good twists.

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I feel bad because just about every movie I review, gets a bad review and if you guys are like me, you tend to want to watch the movies that have a high/good review.

So, although I haven’t watched this recently, I wanted to think of a movie that I really enjoyed but perhaps is under the radar.

That being said, I would rate this movie a solid 8, or maybe even a 9-


I might not rate Resolution and The Endless as high as my bros in that other thread but Spring is an absolute gem. The best movie I watched that year and probably one of the very rare 9 - 9.5’s non “classics” such as Godfather 1 and 2.

I’ve watched it only once, waiting a few more years to watch it again and enjoy it.

The Vault 2021

Follows a genius engineering graduate who is interested in the Bank of Spain’s safe.

Fun heist movie. Solid acting all around


I Care A Lot

4/10 sucked shit.

Synchronic - 6.5/10

Not bad. Reminded me of the butterfly effect a little.

Except, dude has like, what was it, 5 or 6 trips to a completely random point in all of time, past and future, and TWICE he ends up in slavery times America. There’s gotta be like a 0.00001% chance that’d happen once, let alone twice. Of course on Netflix there’s a 100% chance that’s the case though.

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Tenet - 6/10

Different than I thought, much more muddled than I expected. I watched a review afterwards to try and gain some clarity because I thought I didn’t get a lot of things. Turns out I got it, the movie just leaves you with the feeling that you didn’t get it.

It also felt long, which is never a good thing.

The writing was odd, it was like they wanted the dialogue to be deeper than it was.

Some of the things were super obvious, but the reasoning wasn’t. The jumping off the boat, the guy fighting himself, those were easy to call, just not easy to see how until they showed it.

Good fight scenes and good plot for the most part. It sort of felt like momento in hiw the main guy is figuring everything out in chunks as he goes.

And if that black dude played falcon in the marvel movies, it’d be a better character. Anthony Mackee (?) creates a void on screen, this dude is a big step better. He’s no Denzel, but he’s much better.


IIRC, he only went backwards, & the farthest he went back was about 10,000 years. Which means “slavery times” is a 5% shot for any given trial, but the odds that any two trials are gonna fall within 500 years of one another increase exponentially with each trial. In six trials, such a match is very likely to happen. So the math actually does check out.

(Without getting into the magical needs of screenwriting or the explanation offered in the story.)

Wow you’re good at arbitrarily picking numbers to fit your wacky world view.

And still you give it a 6/10? lol

New York Yankees Reaction GIF by MLB

Here’s a real 6/10

Escape Room has a feel similar to “Cabin in the Woods” that came out a few years back. If you liked that, give this a watch, it’s a standout.


Just tried watching the new Tom Clancy’s No Remorse with Michael B. Jordan. Made it about 5 mins into the opening scene. First 5 seconds is dumb, female leading a Seal Team, every rifle flanks someone. It immediately turned me off. Maybe Im in a bad mood?

Just tried watching the new Tom Clancy’s No Remorse with Michael B. Jordan. Made it about 5 mins into the opening scene. First 5 seconds is dumb, female leading a Seal Team, every rifle flanks someone. It immediately turned me off. Maybe Im in a bad mood?