Rate the Last Movie you Saw. 1-10

It was still pretty original, I liked the action scenes and general feel of the movie. The music really added to certain scenes.

I give it a firm “ok”

I work with 1-4 being pretty terrible, 5-7 being ok, and 8-10 fantastic. So 6 seems right. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Sounds like you’re just getting wiser as you age and are increasing your ability to spot shit earlier than what you’re used to. Embrace it and feel good you didn’t waste any more of your time.

Taken - 7/10

Never noticed until now just how weird the daughter is. She’s supposed to be 17 but she acts, talks, dresses, and runs like a 10 year old. Was that done on purpose because he missed so much of her life he still thinks of her as a little kid?

Team America: World Police - 6.5/10

Hell’s Angels, 1930 WW1 epic produced and directed by Howard Hughes. Most costly film ever made at the time. Started production in 1927 as a silent film and then Hughes re-shot it when the ability to add sound came into play. Four years and a few million dollars later, it was finally released.
Don’t know how I’ve missed this until now. Excellent cinematography. Lots of era correct bi-plane action and cool sequences from inside a Imperial German Zeppelin. 137 pilots were used for the final flying scene. Apparently several stunt pilots died in the making of the film, as well as Hughes himself getting a fractured skull in a crash trying to do a stunt that the stunt pilot refused to do!
Now in my Top 10 War Movies. 9/10


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) - 6.5/10

Kinda weird that the most brutal/gruesome parts of the movie don’t involve the chainsaw. I’m not really a big horror movie fan but I’ll happily stare at Jessica Biel in that white tank top and low rise jeans for an hour and a half. Fuckin hell, life is so unfair, I should be able to put my tiny punisher in her whenever I want.

Parasite - 7/10. It was OK, not sure how it won best picture

Life is Beautiful 5/10

Maybe I missed the point but it was a pretty retarded movie

Thanks For Sharing - 5/10

A movie about sex addiction. Kinda cheesy in some parts. Story was ok I guess but I didn’t really care about any of the characters or their problems.

Missing 411: The Hunted 6/10

Documentary on cases that focus on experienced hunters and outdoorsy people. Taken as presented some weird shit going on. Fairly straight forward presentation of the stories. This guys first few appearances on C2C with George Knapp were creepy asf

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There Will Be Blood - 9/10

Probably my favorite DDL performance and movie. No scene is wasted.

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Titanic - 8.5/10

Yes I know I’m a fag. Anyway, I’ve been fascinated with the ship ever since I did a research project on it in elementary school. So a few years later seeing it brought to life on the big screen was just amazing. The level of detail and accuracy put in by James Cameron was absolutely incredible. From a technical and historical viewpoint I will always enjoy watching this movie. I’ve even dived into a lot of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Titanic and it’s sinking. Also, it was my first time seeing tits in a movie theater so it will forever be memorable to me.

The Kingdom 8/10. Like my 5th viewing.

I like Peter Berg movies despite the fact that theyre all pretty much the same

I enjoyed that one. I give it a 6.5 out if 10… a sequel is on the way

I thought that docu was pretty interesting at points. Two cases really had me puzzled. The first one with the older guy disappearing in that small area and nothing of his ever being found is eerie. Paulides I’ve heard has a tendency to leave details out though to not kill his narrative …

You know that’s Denzel’s son right?

The Marksman - 5/10.

Better than the god awful train film I watched Liam Neeson in last but still not great.

Sexy beast - 7/10

Ben Kingsley with a masterclass of psychopathy.

Any word on a decent copy of Wrath of man dropping?

I did not… lol

My statement still stands. He’s no Denzel. I really did like his character in Ballers, and he’s way better than the falcon dude.

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Law Abiding Citizen. 6/10
Plot is ridiculous, but held together. Not sure if the director/editors knew if they were making an action movie, thriller or drama. But had some really good one liners.

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