Rate the Last Movie you Saw. 1-10

In fairness, even in the original the saw isn’t shown touching flesh (except when Leatherface nicks himself)

True. I read that there is a deleted/alternate scene that shows him running the chainsaw up between the legs on one of the dudes, intestines spilling out and everything.

The Town - 7.5/10

Pretty good crime/heist movie, solid characters, short but effective shootout and chase scenes. I know Affleck has only directed a few movies but he seems to have a decent talent for it.

  • The Lodge

If you like artsy slow burn horror like Ari Aster’s Hereditary or Midsommar you’ll really enjoy this. It’s hard to review without spoiling anything but it takes place in a remote cabin with 2 kids and an adult who all start to unravel as conditions worsen. It’s heavy and dark, don’t expect jump scares just atmosphere and tension building.


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Loved this. And love reading about other accounts. Creepy shit for sure.

Training Day - 9/10

Denzel at his best.


Dude, sorry but I just checked this out and this movie absolutely fucking sucked! And I enjoyed Time Trap.

Very boring and the whole plot was idiotic I thought.

The Mitchell’s vs the Machines - 7/10. For a kid/family movie, it was not bad at all.

Tropic Thunder - 7.5/10

Still cracks me up every time I watch it. I’m glad they made this before all the woke Hollywood bullshit infected movies of today.


Troy - 6.8/10

The Trojans sure are a bunch of dum-dums. Shoulda sent dat bitch back to Greece with the quickness.


Greenland 6/10. Typical apocalypse movie. Though it did remind me of Twilight Zone episodes The Monster are Due on Maple Street and the Shelter, in that it showed how people would turn on one another to potentially save themselves.

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Paris is such a bitch. Priam’s weakness is he loves his sons…and so he could not refuse him.

In the myth, it makes more sense since Paris is literally blessed by Aphrodite. In the film it’s harder to justify a father loving his son so much he’d doom his entire kingdom to destruction just so his son could have some pussy. But I suppose the die was cast when Hector didn’t turn the boat around in the first place.


Child of God (2012): 5/10

Never read the book by Cormac but this is probably a good example of why “Blood Meridian” could never be made. At least not by Franco even though he came close once. Loved the theme but the execution was jut meh.

Yeah that’s a Solid 6. I enjoyed it.

Rewatched Frailty - I want to say it’s still a good movie but knowing the twist ending kinda takes the wind out of the sails

First time watching it in 2001 - 9/10
Second time watching it 2021 - 7/10


Comic masterpiece, period.

Really sucks how hard it is to just know that your responses to a comment are…responses to a comment.

Yeah. Old site the quotes that got long were horribly formatted as they got bigger, and here it’s practically non-existent. Sometimes for me the quoting of someone doesn’t ‘catch’ and the response just floats on it’s own

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