Rate the Last Movie you Saw. 1-10

This, and political!

This looks like it has potential.


This was a good movie. It’s made the the “Killing Eve” people and is in the same vibe. Killing Eve is a great TV series. Right up there with The Patriot.

Some people, like me, love samurai movies. I noticed Throne of Blood above.

I’ve been watching the Zatoichi series of movies (there’s 26 of them, I think. I’m on number 17) on YouTube as pirates. These are uniformly great fucking movies. Zatoichi is a wandering blind swordsman and perhaps the world’s worst masseuse. He slices up upwards of 30 bad guys per movie conservatively. He also is a gambler and the ladies love him. GREAT FUCKING SERIES OF MOVIES if you enjoy samurai movies.


Oh hell yes. Keitel is the man.

Dude is 82 and has 5 movies aside from this coming out in the next while.


The 2nd Season of Netflix Dirty John is available.
It’s called Betty, and it’s about the Betty Broderick murders.

I watched the entire season in 2 nights. I had heard of the story, but wasnt familiar with any of the details. My wife knew the story well, and said this sticks to the actual events (no embellishing). Knowing that makes it all the more crazy.

I thought it was very well done, and a good look into a typical marriage where guy gets successful and upgrades, leaving his homely wife feeling used and pissed.

Not a movie, but as a short series, I recommend it with maybe 8/10.



Directed by Oliver Stone. Benecio Del Toro, Selma Hayak, John Travolta.

4/10. Great acting by Benecio. Story line just seemed bland to me. The movie seemed to move slow.

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Office Space (1999) - 6.8/10

Never watched it before, really enjoyed it, although the plot was a little on the weak side. Still, unlike with The Quiet Place 2, F9 and other modern movies, this one kept my attention throughout. I liked the atmosphere of the movie, it was released in 1999 yet strangely felt so much like the 80s. 2001 and the iPhone was a major shift in the world. Things have changed so much in the last 20 years.

Chicago Bulls What GIF by NBA


The Liberator - 8/10 animated war series on Netflix. Highly recommend it!

“On July 10, 1943, a unit from Oklahoma composed of Native Americans, Mexican Americans and Dust Bowl cowboys, most of whom couldn’t drink together in the same bars back home, landed in Sicily and endured a brutal 500 day trek through Nazi-occupied Europe. This is the story of those men, a group of soldiers known as the Thunderbirds.”

this was kinda cool but lacked something i cant pinpoint

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Probably because the plot came from 1983’s Superman 3.

Yeah, we’re going to need you to go ahead and move all your shit to the basement

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Have not seen it but don’t want to. In terms of what it lacked… if you are like me you might just feel like bank/vault robbery and kidnapping/ransom movies with that premise just feel tired and redundant if you are over thirty years of age and have watched your fair share of movies.

Finally saw Urban Cowboy - 2/10

Wtf then I just watch? It’s a movie about extremely emotionally immature people that are moderately functioning retards with room temperature IQs trying to win a mechanical bull riding competition in South Texas. Yes, that’s what the movie is about.

It had some good music. I never saw the movie until now but now I understand why people think Texans are retards, since 1980 anyway.


Well, it’s kind of a romantic drama, with the honky tonk being the center piece.

It’s essentially the hillbilly Saturday Night Fever

Instead of disco dancing, it’s mechanical bull riding


Yeah that sounds retarded still. This coming from someone whose been in tx for over 30 years(and also never rode a mechanical bull)

I think it’s kind of a stupid movie too.

It’s like a bunch of Urbanites playing cowboy. Also, i think the second chick he hooks up with is way better than annoying Debra Winger. He should have stayed with her.

To your point though, there are NO likeable characters in this movie. John Travolta’s character is kind of an idiot and a douchebag. Sissy is annoying, and Scott Glen just plays a scumbag.

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I mean what kind of fagoon wears a cowboy hat with a mesh, see through shirt?

That’s village people shit