Rate the Last Movie you Saw. 1-10

Major League- 9/10. A fun, innocent movie with a lot of foul language. I forgot how entertaining the movie was.


My thoughts on Michael B Jordan exactly. Ruins every film he’s in for me.

I fast forwarded through Creed and have no interest in creed 2. If it were any other actor I might have enjoyed both.

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The Tomorrow War 6/10

I enjoyed it for what it was, but it DID borrow from a lot of movies that came before it. Aliens, a little Starship Troopers, Terminator with the time travel, etc.

Not as good as I had hoped it would be though.

JK Simmons got jacked in this movie! He’s like buff Santa



are you saying Jesus Christ can’t hit a curveball?


Up your butt Jobu!


i watched him on hot ones and he actually seemed like a pretty down to earth guy

charlie sheen baseball GIF by Comedy Central


pretty well done, kept me very interested the whole way, mostly satisfying ending
gotta go 8.5/10

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Winstead is awesome and I don’t mind the idea of her playing a “badass” that much. From the trailer that just looks like a shitty movie though.

“Nobody” with Bob Odenkirk. Strong 7.75 out of 10. Without Bob it would a 5.5. Him playing an undercover badass is the only thing that sets it apart. Standard ok action flick otherwise. Nice to see Chritopher Lloyd and Michael Ironside as well. The action scenes are really good, kind of old school. Funny that two karate guys they’ve tried to hype as action stars in other movies play two goons that get their asses kicked by Bob. This clip is the best part of the movie imo. The way the guy takes the gut punch is hilarious.


I enjoyed that up until the action trope filled final fight, where the good guys all go back to back shooting dozens upon dozens of countless goons for 10 minutes until the “main” badguy finally shows up and immediately wings one of them I think. Just seemed pretty uninspired… RZA had some nice no-scopes though.

I actually hated the first half of Nobody and never went back to finish it. I thought Odenkirk was a miscast.

Yeah I think they were going for the Breaking Bad style atypical old-guy badass. I’m a big fan of Bob so I stuck with it. I was thinking it would be a more tongue in cheek thing, but he plays a pretty straight “dangerous” guy. He has a few humorous moments though.

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My Son 8/10

There is no more original ideas and so this movie regardless of that fact delivers heavily. James can fucking act and its a great fucking movie

Franco has a new one out? Nice. Been too long.

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I enjoyed it too

James mcavoy

Is that the movie he completely improvised?

Wind River


Wasn’t expecting anything, which was dumb on my part. Same director as Hell Or High Water.