Rate these Goalies

Khabibulin, Kiprusoff, Nabokov.

Khabibulin has very good lateral movement for a guy his size. Kiprusoff probably has the best lateral movement out of the three but is quite short, so if you put it upstairs like Lang did in game 3 you always have a chance. Nabokov probably has the best rebound control in the league, while Khabibulin's positioning is, in my opinion, the best out of these three. No matter how you rate them, they have proved to be three out of the top six or seven goaltenders in the world.

1 Bulin

2 Kiprusoff

3 Nabokov

1. Ed Belfour


Kiprusoff imo has better positioning and has incredibly fast reflexes.

imo Kipper, then Bulin, then Nabokov.

Definately all incredible 'keepers regardless.

Bulin's biggest asset is his leg strength, which is phenominal...

John Van Biesbrouck was another with super human leg strength...


JHR is correct

how I'd want them

1. Khabibulin by far
2. Kiprusoff
3. Nabokov
4. Belfour
5. Cujo
6. Esche

"John Van Biesbrouck was another with super human leg strength..."

mike richter's was far greater...

of the 3 i rank them Bulin, Kip, Nab..

but its all so close that its hard to determine which one is better than the other....remember that systems either build or kill the goalie thats behind them....the best goalie in the playoffs this year was vokoun and he was knocked out in the first round

LOL @ vokoun being the best goalie in the playoffs this year

Roman War Helmut, your right. Richter had most likely the most "Pure" strength. His legs were massive.

His movements laterally were explosive but not near as fluid as habbyboolin.

You guys are all blind if you can agree Ed Belfour has been the best goalie in the playoffs this year. Without him, it would be Ottawa in the second round, simple as that...


1 nab
2 bul
3 kip

Khabiboulin is a great goalie but Will is correct.

Kipper has stolen more games than any keeper yet in the playoffs, posted the new record gaa this season and wasn't playing on a team fighting for first overall.He made more of a difference to his team than Boulin hands down.Graeme played a bunch of games early on while Boulin was stinking the joint out and he put up similar stats as what Boulin ended up with.

Roman War Helmut is correct

i totally agree with that...but he has played very well in the playoffs so far...allbeit against lesser comp

I would say Cujo, on a good day, is interchangeable with these goalies. Im sorry JHR, but Eddie just doesnt cut it anymore :)

Belfour???? remember 7-2, 7-2, 7-2

Cujo has a 1.58 GAA. If the wings lose, it won't be because of Cujo. Cujo has done his job, elevating his game in the playoffs this year.

After tonight how can anyone doubt Kipper's status, he shut out the Wings AGAIN to take the series.

Damn dirty Sutter