Rate tonight's show...


Great night of fights. A little bit of everything, with FOTY candidates, great KOs, and great subs.

The garcia fight was a fight of the year candidate. But watching Cerrone take a dive pissed me off, then to watch Urijah go out like that left me feeling sad.

A solid 8.8 imo.

10 for me man. I loved it! Well worth the 45 bucks!

10, with real sports it just cant get any better

10 it was a great show

10, would have been an 11 if not for the shit decision.


The Garcia decision hurt, but seeing Faber get beat up like that made up for it. Epic card. 9.9

9 or 9.5 Aldo's utter domination of Faber kinda slowed the show down a bit but that was an outclassing for the ages. A finish in that fight would have made this event a perfect 10


Just needed Aldo to finish Faber (or Faber to pull out a hail mary) to be a 10.

was a fun show.

my only disappointment was that brown v manny, njokuani v roller, and ben vs cowboy all 3 together were like 7 minutes total. But i cant really complain about that.

 WEC always delivers. Far better than the recent UFCs and Strikeforce.



Jung/Leonard was fight of decade and every single fight was good. Plus we saw EVERY SINGLE fight. OMG so awesome!

LOL at the tools who made threads to "not watch wec ppv". Hope they had a good evening playing cards in their mom's basement.




8.5, only because Henderson / Cerrone was so quick and the relatively slower pace of Aldo / Faber. Overall it was a great night of fights, though. I'm really glad I got the PPV.

9, make Cerrone/Bendo last longer and correct the judging error in Garcia/Jung and its an easy 10.

Still my favorite card of the year.

10 to the undercards
5 for the title fights
bad math = 7.5 round up to 8