Rate UFC 63 here!!

Solid 8!

Best one yet this year

Good show, imo


I'd give it a 7


UFC 63 had a bit of everything

It had the valiant comeback

It had the ultimate underdog grabbing a victory over the returning hero

It had the coming of age story of a reality show star.

All in all, it was a pretty good PPV.

a solid 8/20

.... i gave it an 8

it was good, but still nowhere near where an UFC should be in terms of talent.

i rate it a solid 8/10. some good knockouts, submissions, and the hughes penn fight was electric. plus having the tyson griffin fight televised made it all the better for me.

Solid 7


The only thing saving it from a lower score was the Hughes/Penn fight

stong 8


Great fights. Solid 8.

Not quite a 10 because it didn't have Giant Silva.

Not a bad show! Joe hat's off! Swick vs Loiseau was very disappointing, actually david was. Gave mike to much respect! Tony Fryklund would kill Swick! IMO


8.5...very solid show from start to finish.

Solid 7.5/10

8.5 really exciting main event and solid undercard.