Rate you'r popularity as a poster

There are some posters we all know, and some we've never seen before. So where do you see yourself?

I'd say I'm about average. I'm sure some people recognize my SN, but a lot of other posters don't. Overall, my posts are probably neutral, but wouldn't be surprised to hear slightly positive/negative. Phone Post 3.0

A couple of people might recognize the SN. Phone Post

Mihow - no clue

5 outta 12?
I'd say your more of a 76 3/19 out of 134 Phone Post 3.0

14 of out 1000 Phone Post 3.0

MoBiggaYaKnow - 14 of out 1000 Phone Post 3.0
Out of* my bad Phone Post 3.0

On a scale of 1-10 I'd say I'm a solid 7. Phone Post 3.0

Me? 17/20

Mark Phone Post 3.0



My posters were never popular cause I can't dunk for shit, solid fundamentals though.


I've been getting VTFD quite a bit recently, so I'd say it's pretty good. Phone Post 3.0

I'm a nobody

No clue, but you doing the bball fantasy league again this year chael? Phone Post

negative 5

3/10? No idea. I'm on here a lot but don't post with any real regularity. Phone Post 3.0

On a scale of 1 - 10 I'm a -2. Phone Post 3.0

Well below average. I just kind skip through the forum mostly without notice. Phone Post 3.0

2 out of 20 Phone Post 3.0

I doubt anyone really recognizes me for my posts. And I'm fine with that. Phone Post

0 I'm a loser :(