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I posted this on the Aussie Forum but everyone is retarded over there... So I thought I'd see if I could generate some intellegent discussion over here on the UG... maybe I'm asking too much though... ;-)

Actually, this discussion brings up a good point.  What makes an A-level fighter?  How do you determine that?  Are you A-level if you can beat all the B-level guys?  Or does A-level mean you have to be able to beat A-level guys?  What if you can beat all the B-level guys, but can't beat the A-level guys?  What if you beat and lose to both A-level and B-level guys? Is it broader than that... Are you A-level if you fight in an A-level show? Or are you A-level if you can win in an A-level show?  What if you beat a B-level guy in an A-level show.  Or is it how you win.  Would someone who finishes all their victories be considered A-level. Or would winning all your matches by decision, even against other A-level guys still make you A-level?

What makes an A-level show?  Is it attendance numbers?  Is it having your own tv show?  Is it being on PPV.  Is the quality of fighters what makes a show A-level?  Maybe it's the purses that the show pays it's fighters?  Is it the amount of money the show makes, or even spends? Is it a combination of these? I think everyone agrees that UFC, Pride & K-1 are A-level.  What about shows like Cage Rage, IFL, Bodog, TKO, Pancrase, Shooto... where do they fit in the picture.   Then what about all the other shows like KOTC, XFC, WEC, WFF, WFA, Warriors Realm, Spartan etc and then the even smaller promotions.

Also on that topic, what are the levels? Is it just A-level and everything else is B-level.  Or does it go A-level, B-level, C-level, D-level and so on?  How far do you go if that's the case? If so, what determines that?

I'd really like to get everyones opinion on this.  What do you think? I think this could bring up some very interesting and civilised discussion.


That's the problem. Everyone throws around A-level, B-level, C-level etc and yet there seems to be no standard for people determine what that actually means.  So I figured we'd sit down with the UG and see if we could come up with some sort of standard...


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Id say it's kinda like(sry I know) Club Tennis or any other sport...

C and D have basics and fundamentals, really suck either because they are just starting, do it for recreation or thats the card that god handed, they would school the average person. B are better fighters, refinied skills either on the way up or down like transcition level, some of these dudes "sand bag" because they like to win and overtake the small events, A level these guys are great but not there yet either because they peeked or just cant seem to be able to cross, they could almost reach the big time but not everyone is made to be on top no matter how hard they try. OPEN OR TOP A is the best but most will just fall before the chance at the belt and never make it past the undercards.

It would be sweet if it was as easy as saying, B level fighter has 2 yrs boxing, 2 yrs MT, 2 yrs bjj, HS state wsln champ but the fact is that natural talent and dedication makes all the difference.

To me, "A-level" is a top 10 fighter or a fighter who can be extremely competitive with most top 10s. For example, guys like Newton and Mezger mostly failed to get the big wins, but showed they belonged in there with pretty much everyone they fought.

Well in mma there is no Open but could be the top A fighters....

Tho most cans in Pride are used to showcase Top or japanese fighters are C or B level fighters..

In all seriousness, it's pretty easy. You're a title holder or you're not. They're really the only things that seperate the fighters in a given promotion.

ok, i'll clear this up for you.

A Level Fighter = Sposored by Xyience, Sprawl, Dating a pornstar, Just
signed to do a C Level movie & Rachelle Leah has been to your house.

B Level Fighter = Sponsored by Xyience, Tapout & have Rampage
Jackson's number in your phone.

C Level fighter = Sponsored by Big Jim Pizza's & have fought Tony

i think it should be a combo of wins .. and what organization they are
currently active in.

A- Level = 90% wins
B - Level = 75%-80% wins
C - Level = 60%-75% wins

A - level orgs= UFC/Pride
B - Level orgs = KOTC/Showtime/IFL/Strikeforce/WFA/WEC/Bodog/ISKA
C - Level orgs = smokers/bar fights

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An A level fighter can enter a large regional/semi national show (extreme fighting,WEC,KOTC, etc) and beat most of the competition there handily. THe only people that have a chance of beating him are the champs in these shows and usually an A level guy is a champ here and moves up.

A Strong B level fighter might lose to the very best guys at those shows I mentioned before, but generally wins most if not all his fights at this level. he loses to the guys who hold titles at this level or the A guys as they pass through.

 MOST of the guys fighting on the PPV shows are A class fighters.  They are there because they have done well or dominated the lesser shows.  Now just because they dont always fare well at that level does not make them B or lesser fighters. 

I think there is a wide disparity of skill at the A level.  The biggest difference though is the level of mistake you can make, at the highest levels of competition you may only get one "ah shit" before you have lost the fight.  Not always the case at lower levels of comp.

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There are three levels of fighters. B level - guys that fight on smaller shows - A level - guys that regularly fight on the big shows and Eh-Level - Reserved for GSP.

I think there are the champs, the big guns at the A-level shows... The A-level guys... anyone who fights on an A-level show... regardless of result... you have to be A-level to make it there.  B-level are the up and comers on the B-level shows.  The champs of those shows are generally A-level guys waiting for a shot at the big show.  The C- level guys, everyone esle, fighting in the regional shows, guys starting out, etc.