Raul Rosas Jr’s Unattractiveness Is Beneficial - O'Malley

UFC bantamweight contender Sean O’Malley believes he’s identified an advantage that promotional newcomer Raul Rosas Jr. has.

Rosas Jr. has frequently claimed to be the next big thing in the bantamweight division, and given the start he’s had since arriving on the scene, it’s hard to argue against that.

The Mexican-American prospect first gained attention this year when his appearance on Dana White‘s Contender Series aged just 17 was confirmed. He extended his unblemished record to 6-0 in front of the UFC president, earning a contract with the MMA leader in the process.

Just three months later, Rosas Jr. made his debut. “El Niño Problema” collided with Jay Perrin in the UFC 282 featured prelim, where he submitted the 29-year-old via rear-naked choke in the first round.
Having made an impactful first impression inside the Octagon, Rosas Jr. began his journey to gold on the right track. And since then, many have noted the advantages that the youngster boasts, from youth and time to immense self-belief and an advanced grappling level.

Sean O’Malley, though, has given a different assessment.

O’Malley Brands Rosas Jr. “Not The Cutest-Looking Dude”

During a now-private podcast on his YouTube channel, O’Malley and his brother discussed the newest arrival to the top bantamweight contender’s division.

Beyond the skillset he displayed in Las Vegas this month, “Sugar” commented on the 18-year-old’s appearance. After suggesting that Rosas Jr. is “rough” looking, O’Malley pointed to that as an advantage as it will allow him to remain motivated solely on his career objectives.

“It almost helps him though. Because if he’s just a good-looking dude who’s trying to make money and chicks are flocking to him, then he starts getting distracted,” O’Malley said. “It’s kinda good that he kinda looks rough… Not the cutest-looking dude. Stay focused. Stay disciplined. It sucked for me to be a f*ing model. Bches flocking all over me.”

Given the way he flipped off Jay Perrin post-fight at UFC 282, it’s perhaps easy to imagine how Rosas Jr. might respond to O’Malley’s remarks…

But for the 18-year-old, his focus remains on continuing to break records, with his ultimate goal being the status of the UFC’s youngest-ever champion. To reach that ambition, the Mexican-American could well run into O’Malley, who currently occupies the #1 spot on the ladder.

The best part of this is Sean thinking he looks good enough to be a model.


Pot Meat Kettle imo


Pigeon chested rainbow hair is commenting on other people’s appearances?



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o’malley looks like he was one flippant decision away from being an “only god can judge me” face tattoo heroin junkie on the side of the road.



what a cheeky cunt! I’ve been amazed to find myself liking Sean more recently. then he goes and says he thinks he’s good looking! madness. what a vastly entertaining tool this guy is. hope he goes bald. fuckwitt.

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Sean dumb asf leave the kid alone lol

Sean’s chick looks like she could be related to RR


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Lol I figured the pic was so funny it didn’t even need a caption


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Omalley has always struck me as having a touch of teh ghey.
He has now confirmed it.

Intrrviewer:“So this guy moving up the ranks has a lot of people talking.”

Omalley: “well, honey, he can totally just focus on his skills because hes ugly darling.
Unlike me, im so good looking and a model. So you know i had to tell these bitches to get away. Eeew.”

I wish I could put O’Malley, Pimblett and this Mongoloid in a car doing a 100 over a cliff

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I dont think its ever been mentioned, Rosas has PHS (Pallister–Hall syndrome)