Thats right , bring it bitches. Talk shit but be here at the end of the season. :)

The last three Super Bowl champions – New England in 2001 and 2003, Tampa Bay in 2002 – lost the first game of their championship season.

What about the Browns? There pretty good, I dont see a post season for them. I think Cincy has a good shot.

yup just remember at the end of the season, that people laughed at me for predicting the two wild card teams coming out of the AFC North

Ravens 17 Steelers 10

Week 2

"Steelers looked pretty bad against the Raiders."

Hmmmmm, Phill Sims didn't think so. But, ya know, what does HE know anyway.

Raiders-Steelers redux
"I was pretty impressed with Oakland and Pittsburgh in their game last week. I was impressed with the talent level. I was quite impressed with the direction of both teams -- the Steelers with their conviction to run the football; the Raiders with their conviction to run it and throw it down the field. Both defenses showed some new concepts. The teams, in all phases, seemed really well coordinated and showed a really distinct plan. From that perspective, it was a good Week 1 for both teams. The Raiders came out on the short end, but they made a good showing." - Phill Simms on NFL.com

The gameplan for the Steelers this year is to run ball.With Maddux at Qb it makes perfect sense.But in order to beat the Ravens at home you will have to have a balance attack.Lets also not forget the ravens were without Odgen last week.I expect Lewis to have a better performance this week.

Gameplan against the Steelers?

It's MUCH, MUCH easier to gameplan against the Ratbirds. Play a 9-2 D, or something close. Game over.

I'd take TM over that B-U-S-T Boller all day, anyday. Add to that one pro bowl WR and one potential pro bowl WR (fucking Plax), a solid 3rd WR, a solid 1-2 punch running game, a fairly healthy and stable O-line... well, they can do some damage.

This is a horrible matchup for the Rats. Can't pass so the Steelers weakness (young secondary) will do just fine... Can run, but nobody can run well against a stacked up D and the Steelers have a solid run D anyway. Plax owns McCalister.

Steelers will have trouble with QB's that can put the ball where they want it.

Steelers 24 Ravens 10

Then again, this has become a great rivalry and both teams always play tough. May be closer then I think.


"Ravens 17 Steelers 10
Week 2"

I do not see the Ravens putting up 17 points on anyone this year. They have NO offense. None. LOL, I would love to see them play Denver this year! That would be a good game. But your offense would do nothing. This may be the year your defense scores more points than your offense.


First off Im not a Ravens fan by any means.And I agree the Ravens D will need to score some points this season.But you cant measure the Ravens on one game as many already have.I think you will see a better performance from them at home.


Hope they have comfortable couches cause thats where they will be for the playoffs.


ttt- and go STEELERS!!!!!!!!

LOL at giving up 23 points to the pathetic Miami offense. The Ravens defense is vastly overrated.