RAW 6/11

Poor production. Annoying noise during the selection thing, it took way too long. The match format with winning the picks was gay.

Everything was so unclear. Way way way too much fuckin time spent on Vinny Mac.

Overall 4 out of 10 show

wtf was up woth Lashley vs Benoit starting off witha double leg to guard and single legs and Benoit having an arm bar?

it looked cheesey


lol how so?

Let Wrestling be what it is, entertainment. Unless its a shoot implementing MMA angle sinto a match is sloppy and not flowing the way a match should be.

For me I was quite intrigued at whoever booked the match and wrote those points out to include the opening segment like that. It shows that they are worried about MMA/UFC attention, and want to shwo that their product has guys whom are "tough"

I am a smart mark brah
I am the type of fan which has stayed loyal to wrestling even with the shit theyve put out in the last 4 yrs.

That draft lottery sucked. I really wish that they would have had a random drawing with 3 reps representing all the brands and let the chips fall where they may. If HHH or Cena end up on ECW, so be it.

Like any of the drafts are really random.

They should have atleast done it like the NFL and had a whole setup with the GM's making the selections. It's funny how they don't say exactly how they're going to draft in advance, with that stupid machine. I had my hopes let down again! Fuckers!

the machine was annoying...the sound.

agreed it should have been done the wat the first draft was done. Or in the back in a conference room the GM's all take turns with picks.

show about 15 picks total where they do 5 at a time, and then go to matches. And show the locker room reactions to the draft picks...new alliances formed......UT kicking somoene out of the SD lockerroom cuz they are now on RAW

that would have been better TV