Raw 9/28/09

I don't know about you guys but I was bored to tears this week. There was way too much promotion of the next PPV and Rev. Al was a terrible host.

- The Show/Jericho vs MVP/Henry match was boring, long, and sloppy. I do like that Jericho is starting to add his weasel character back into the mix.
- Swagger is again very impressive.
- Divas match was terrible. Rosa sucks in the ring, and James has been sloppy as fuck lately (imo).
- Santino really needs to turn back to a heel. He's over as a face, but his comedy is really lacking now.
- Apparently Chavo is turning face now after hitting Masters while he was holding the leprechaun. I'm not sure where they are going with this terrible angle.
- Cody is much better then Ted on the mic and in the ring (imo). They need to liven themselves up a bit in the promo range. They're not bad, but they are bland.
- Shawn is really looking old and hurt and this DX reunion tour needs to end soon. PG DX is not going over well and although it's funny when they poke fun at themselves it's getting tiresome already.
- They are still making Randy look like a bitch always running away from people. It's annoying because his psychotic character was way over and doing shit like that takes away from it.

All in all it was completely forgettable. It's not that every show needs to be killer but this particular RAW just sucked imo.

Start watching ECW and Smackdown, their much better than Raw.

you missed out on one very IMPORTANT star-JOHN CENA.
yes, he defeated Jericho and Big Show via DQ and then went on to FU Orton on top of the cage. Superman got Kryptonize but WWE got nothing for CENA. lol


Cena is just Stone Cold 2.0. They shit on everyone else to make him unstoppable.

No wrestler should ever be able to beat the tag team champs alone, ever.

I wish I stayed up to watch the rest of it.

I fell asleep at about 9:30.

WaltJ - I wish I stayed up to watch the rest of it.

I fell asleep at about 9:30.

no you don't, show and jericho beat down cena then he miraculously is fine and beats orton down?? terrible.

I watvhed about 5 minutes of this and turned it.

If they have Al Sharpton host RAW is david duke next ??

I felt it was the worst RAW they've had since the guest host thing started. I'm still amazed I got through most of it.

I have to say one thing that's really bothered me as of late is how "by the book" everyone's promos and interactions seem to be. I feel like they have to follow the script to closely and there is no room for individual creativity.

Cena always overcomes...i try to tell people, as soon as Cena has the belt...the show sucks again