Raw meat bones for dogs

For anyone out there that feeds raw bones, can these bones help remove tartar and plaque, or does it only prevent/control buildup? We're not comfortable with going to the vet for a cleaning as we've heard horror stories. There are just too many risks with dogs being put under.

We have two shih tzus, and one has excellent teeth. We've had him since he was a puppy (he's six now), and brushing his teeth every other day has resulted in white teeth.

Our other shih tzu came to us from a kill shelter. He was one when we got him (he's four now), and he's always had a small amount of plaque/tartar buildup on some of his teeth (this was present when we got him). We've brushed his teeth every other night, just like our other dog, but his teeth never seem to get really clean. In the last month, we switched to apparently the best toothpaste for dogs, CET, which is an enzymatic toothpaste that has excellent reviews, so we're hoping this will help.

We also just switched the little one to a raw food, Ziwipeak, and we've been trying out raw bones once or twice a week using either chicken legs or wings. I'm wondering if we can expect his teeth to look healthier any time soon. I will continue to brush their teeth as well just in case.

Again, just trying everything I can to refrain from going for a cleaning. Also, his teeth are not horrible, so it's not like we aren't taking the best measures possible and ignoring any professional care. He just has some tartar on some of the back teeth and I really would feel better knowing it's not there anymore. Thanks for the help in advance. Phone Post 3.0

FRAT - How good are raw bones for cleaning/removing plaque or tartar that is already visible on teeth? Trying to avoid a dental cleaning at all costs as we don't feel comfortable putting our dog under. We brush our dogs' teeth with CET toothpaste, and we just started giving them a chicken leg or wing a couple times a week for additional dental care. Phone Post 3.0

Our groomer does our dog's teeth and they don't put him under.

When he had his last vet appointment they said his teeth are great.