Raw vs. Nitro DVD

Got this last night. Pretty cool, I must say. It's not like it's full of things that most hardcore wrestling fans didn't know already, but it does provide a lot of cool behind-the-scenes info. Plus it brings a sense of nostalgia to when wrestling was really really good because of the Monday Night War.

those were the days..


What's on it?

It mainly goes through the years 1995-2001 as they pertained to Monday nights. It talks about how Bischoff turned the tide w/ the NWO and then how McMahon got it back with SCSA, DX, and such, leading up to the eventual demise of WCW. It also gives some cool info about how both of the shows came about, and how Turner gave Eric a primetime slot for Nitro. You'd expect it to be really biased and trashing on WCW, but it's really not. Even if it wasn't put forth by the WWF, you could say that it looks back at things pretty fairly.

As far as extras, it has some good shit. A recap of DX invading Nitro, SCSA's first stunner on McMahon, Rick Rude on both Raw and Nitro in the same night, as well as 2 matches from each show. Benoit vs. Booker T and Golberg vs. Hogan from Nitro, and HHH+HBK vs. LOD and HBK+SCSA vs. Owen and Davey from Raw. It's cool to look back on Stone Cold and Shawn Michaels before injuries really took their toll, because they were really good in-ring wrestlers back then.

All in all, pretty fun to watch. I hope someday WWF will come out with an HBK DVD set, or maybe (snowball's chance in hell) a Bret Hart DVD set.

"Rick Rude on both Raw and Nitro in the same night"


this will be my next dvd purchase!

I don't know. What was on the PPV?


Yea it's the same nunez4.

what are the extras on the dvd?