Ray Borg vs. Geane Herrera

Up next... I got Borg

I got Herrera by looking like mini Pettis.

Borg is a beast.

Crazy that Borg gave up 20% to not cut the last 0.75 pound

"** Borg 126.75 was given one hour to make the flyweight limit of 126 pounds, but elected to not cut additional. He will be fined 20 percent of his fight purse."

That was a fun round. Phone Post 3.0

0.75 weight advantage, bruh.

Taking down Herrera at will.

Damn, Herrera is tough. 

LIKE A FAUCET!!!! Phone Post 3.0

Herrera slicing with elbows from the bottom, constantly looking for a triangle. Borg smothering him.

Phone Post 3.0

great fight

Great fight on the ground.

Damn. Borg dominated that fight. Props to Herrera for surviving the last 10 seconds. He was game throughtout. 

Borg's a seriously good grappler. I wish everyone grappled like him. Herrera did good to survive.

Easy 30-27 for Borg. Herrera is tough!


What a fantastic fight. Both guys all heart! Phone Post 3.0

Fuckin Ray Borg is so sick. Phone Post 3.0