Ray Charles - America the Beautiful

I was perusing YouTube for backing tracks and came upon this. Haven’t heard it in a bit but, fuck me, it’s still one of my favorites. Charles’ fusion of gospel/blues makes me cry and gives me a boner at the same time. So, no message or agenda, just a bad ass song by a bad ass American.



The Sandlot, you fucks!

Tis a bad ass song. 

Showing my quarterly love to one of the best to ever do it. Chills every time.

Saw it live, Arlene Schnitzer concert hall about 2000, my mom took me out of school to see the concert.

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He loved America as should all Americans. Such a beautiful song.

I agree. As a blind (famous) man he should me more appreciative. I’ve always wondered how blind people cope as a formally bad eyesight person. It’s crazy when you can’t see shit.

A belated bump for this bad ass song and, equally, bad ass American.

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I played this on the way over to watch fireworks with the family the other day.

You played with yourself with the family in the car? Odd!

Fixed it for you, comrade.

Thanks simple man.

Wonder if he’s ever even seen America

Im badass. I am America

Never heard this rendition, thanks for posting!

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