Ray Elbe in Arizona

Attn: Ray Elbe

Here is just what you have been talking about.
Please consider this offer.

May 28th at Celebrity - Night Of Champions
I am offering you a re-match winner take all.
$1000.00 dollars to the winner. $100.00 to show
and 1000.00 if you win. I will even give you my
show money if you win.

Please think about it. My would - be opponnet just backed out so now I am looking for a re-placement.
This fight is also slated for a SUPERFIGHT BELT.

Thank you for your time,
Shannon "The Cannon"

PS- The Cube is behind this 100%





...But will Ray except the fight or just keep running his mouth? I guess we will just have to see.

Shannon "The Cannon"

Step up ELbe, oh I forgot, Shannon just fights in fixed fights. I guess you won't be taking Shannon's offer?

Than Calf Cruncher

oooooooh a call out.. c'mon Ray I guess he caught you in that one huh. Talk the Talk, now time to Walk the

I don't think Ray will turn down 100 to show, 1100 to win.


PLEASE give me the fight!


Charles McCarthy

pro: 4-2

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me this fight!


What's up man? I will find out if I am deploying to Iraq in July or August. I miss the fight game, but I have to handle business right now. Anyway, I am still training mma/kickboxing 2-3 times per week. Keep in touch with me bro.You and Ray will be a fantastic matchup. You guys need to put all the b.s. aside and handle it. Take care!

2LT Adrian Foster
Fort Leonard Wood, MO



ttt for the fight!



CharlesFFA/AFA vs Shannon!!!!!

A nice paycheck for Charles.

mark: I get paid more for AFC but I want this fight :).

Oops. My bad. It was the whole "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE" thing that threw me off.

You dudes have a history, or you just want to keep active???




Mark: trying to stay active. My next afc fight isnt untill the end of july and I need to fight. I respect shannon alot. He fights all the time and doesnt turn down fights. That said I'm sure I can win this fight and I wouldn't mind getting the 1k.