Ray Floro videos??? books?????

Ray Floro seems to have the respect of the jkd community. Did he make any videos????? books?????

He hasn't done any videos or books. He has talked about it to me but there are no formal plans that I know of.

There's a great segment of Ray teaching some of his material on the Sayoc Sama Sama 2004 DVD. I would definitely be one of the first to buy his instructional if he decided to come out with one.


Well.............I finally got off my ass and contacted a "professional" group to shoot my DVD.

The came back with a quote of US$1200....

I just need to find a way to raise that $$$

Oh well......back to square one.

Hey Ray, dont forget your faithfull student (ME!!!) is a filmaker/editor.....

Hey Lemon,

SMS me your mobile or give me a ring on 0410 616 864.

Ray u dont have my mobile? jeez. :(

I cant call out from my phone coz i havent paid the bill :) but its 0411 125 213

ttt 4 Ray

Ray buy yourself a nice camera $300 bucs
get one of your students to record..those videos are
the best.....do you really need a pro.?

Trust me people will buy it because its you!

I agree with LeftJab22. High production quality in martial arts instructionals is overrated. As long as the picture and sound are clear and the info is good, I'm happy.


Hey me...looook at me!!!! (jumps up and down)

I'm a proffesional and i live near ray lol

Ray, LEMon,

If you guys need a guy with average/rusty skills for a sparring dummy... just let me know (says the guy who hasn't been up to spar for 1.5 years:-)