Ray Lewis = 2004 NFL MVP?

The guy deserves serious consideration for the award. Not only is he the most dominant defensive player in the league this year, but he is arguably the most dominant player on either side of the ball.

He does deserve serious consideration, and he IS the most dominant defensive player in the league. But the MVP should go to Peyton Manning, he's been unreal.

ray lewis--right last name wrong first name!

he could be the defensive player of the year though.

Either Lewis is fine with me! Although I can't really argue against Manning either.

too bad Vick did not play the whole season... the dude had a great game on Sunday , what heart

McNair is my pick for the MVP..

It will go to Manning or McNair but Ray Lewis has been an animal and I think it's hard to say who is more valuable to their team. The whole Ravens team revolves around Ray Lewis and his energy.

where would the Titans be without McNair?

If the vote were taken a few weeks ago, I'd say McNair. But others have stepped. Besides, he couldn't beat Payton Manning and the Colts either time this year.

I love watching McNair play. He's a class act, smart, and tough as nails. But he is not the most valuable player this season.

Mcnair is a great choice.. we will see what unfolds in the next few weeks

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Ray Lewis belongs in the OVERRATED THREAD

I'd like to hear your reason(s) why.

Roy Williams is the best defender in the league not Ray Lewis. I don't think either should win MVP though, not unless they start scoring points every week.

No other defensive player in the league touches Lewis this year. Roy Williams is really good, but I'd take Brian Dawkins over him and perhaps Ed Reed.

Ray Lewis is the best football player on the planet, not just defensive player.

That being said, Peyton Manning has recently passed Steve McNair as your MVP.

But then again, what if Jamal Lewis breaks the single season rushing record? He only needs like 150 yards.

What about Priest Holmes? New single season TD record?

Torry Holt has had an awesome year also.

Those are all good candidates.

Steve McNair by a landslide.


If the Ravens meet the Titans in the playoffs, and it looks like they will, care to make a little wager?

u assume they will beat the Steelers and the Bengals will loose.We are certainly feeling confident..Anyhow the Titans are very tough against the run and the ravens passing game sucks...Forget what has happened in the past..My Christmas present to u, is to save your money.