Ray Lewis VS Royce

The blue belts vs NFL got me thinking so im gonna play devils advocate on this one.A street fight between the two. Ray is a 245 lb lean machine,superior athelete, about as intense as they come and a Florida state high wrestling champ.Think how much Royce struggled with Kimo who was about the same size but is way less athletic and conditioned than Ray.ANd Royce is a 4th degree Black belt when he faced Kimo.

Where does the fight take place? In the middle of the street, I go with Ray Lewis via cement slam on the top of Royces head. In the cage I go with Lewis via brutal haymakers followed by ground and pound. Too much disparity in athletic ability combined with size difference. Ray Lewis is a real Killer.

Thats funny I was at the fight and spoke with people and to my knowledge Kimo was a street fighter who was listed as a 3 rd dan in Tae kwon do. WHo did he study BJJ with prior to the Royce fight and dont say JOe Moriera cause he didnt. The question is RAy vs Royce, now, not kimo.By the way the Kimo Royce fought(aka 1994) Ray will kill, not even close!

Streetfight, Not MMA(cage/ring).

I really think that Royce has a chance of catching Ray in a quick submission but that 9 out of 10 times, he gets beat brutally. Ray is just too strong and athletic.

It'd be worth the PPV charge just to see Ray full-on tackle Royce.

Ken Shamrock was supposed to be just too strong and athletic for Royce also.

Ray would kill Royce...........with a knife.

Kimo has fought real fighters ray killed some average joe.

Kimo was a huge, very gifted street fighter (with some wrestling experience i believe) who caught royce on his worst day...and still got tapped.

have u guys ever rolled with an elite BJJ black belt? those guys can do some amazing things.

Ray Lewis - huge, very gifted athlete, some wrestling skills. as good a wrestler as Dan Severn? (tapped by royce).

it is also a myth that any good wrestler can jump into MMA with no training and immediately be dominant. a wrestlers first few weeks of submission training, he gets tapped A LOT (at a quality school). THEN they become really dangerous, after learning a little about the submission game.

Royce has been training his whole life for that sort of fight.

Ray Lewis by stabbig.

"Kimo had zero BJJ training."

Just guessing by the way he moved around, I figured that Kimo
had at least some limited experience in BJJ to get ready for the
UFC. From what I've read, this fight took place before he hooked
up with Joe M., but I would guess he did a little training with
someone for BJJ, or perhaps Joe Son Do has some similar moves.

Royce would kill the man unless he stabbed him and drove away in his limo.Ray Lewis is overhyped and has only football skills and that does not mean he can fight at all.he may hit hard on the field but how many punches or kicks do you think he can really take?

"Too much disparity in athletic ability combined with size difference. Ray Lewis is a real Killer."

Ray Lewis is athleticism personnified, but that'll take you so far against a man who trains all day for FIGHTING, not football. Take Jeremy Horn or Minotauro, both are top notch fighter with very average athletic abilities.

Through intelligent training and amazing work ethic they've taken themsleves far beyond say a Kevin Randelman, probably one of the most athletic guy ever in MMA, who trains extensively in wrestling and has decent standup power - both very useful tools in fighting!

So what can a super agressive an competitive football athlete could bring KR cant? This hero worship is so lame. Let's face it, a Ray Lewis that would train for years in MMA would be an amazing force, but as a football player, he has the lucky punch/slam factor and some strenght going for him. He'd be the underdog by far.

And yes, Ray probably is a real killer.

"Ray Lewis is a real Killer."


No pun intended ?

I was under the impression Lewis had nothing to do with the stabbing, but because the guy was a buddy of his - he didn't come forward about it.

"Ray Lewis by an embarrassing brutal murder.
Kimo had zero BJJ training. He was just a street fighter. The reason he gave Royce such a hard time, is because he didn't have a fighting still. He was unpredictable. Royce knew what to expect from a TKD figher or a boxer.

Kimo tapped because he was out of shape and gassed. Ray Lewis would not have gassed.

Kimo is not even close to being the athlete that Ray Lewis is. He is definately not as explosive. Yet he ruffed up Royce so badly that Royce could not continue. Royce could not leave in his own power, was see double and had to be hospitalizes.

Please do not compare Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn to a super gifted would class athlete like Ray Lewis."

get real, there is a lot more to being a great fighter than raw athletic ability. i was comparing lewis to Severn AS A WRESTLER (ray's only truly combative skill). lewis is a superior athlete, but if he wrestled severn 100 times, he would lose 100 times. Mark "Too Tall" Gastineau was a great football player, with some athletic attributes that carry over well into fighting...huge size, explosive power, warrior mentality. But even after years of hard training, he still got CROAKED by "B" level fighters. the fight game is a different game, and greatness in 1 sport does not guarantee greatness in another.

r u kidding? royce would put lewis to sleep easily. those that think that lewis is in great shape....yeah football shape, not fighting shape. thats two different things. he is a talented, intense athelete, no doubt. but i have been on the mat with guys (footballers) who can dunk, bench a buick and run from dusk till dawn, they still gas about 3-4 minutes into a match.

i am not biased either as i played college football and trained with guys on the team. a couple guys were even high school champs in wrestling. formidible opponents for sure, but we are talking about royce. havent any of you watched the early UFC's and learned anything?

one thing you have got to think about in a street fight is the freakin concrete! if Royce could safely get Ray to the ground then he would easily finish the fight. But if Ray could slam him, royce would die quickly.