ray mercer ?

posted on the UG:

"Mercer was an outstanding amatuer fighter years ago. Always had a big punch. Hurt his own reputation years ago when he offered fighter Jesse Fergeson $$$$ during the middle of a fight to "dive""

is that part about jesse fergeson true? did he really offer him money in the fight to lose and was it audible?

I think Mercer was acquitted, but the bribe allegation cost him a title shot against Riddick Bowe.


"but the bribe allegation cost him a title shot against Riddick Bowe"

Nah, losing to Ferguson cost him the title shot....Not the bribe allegation itself.

so the bribe wasn't something that could be heard by the cameras?

I think it was audible in court (Probably due to high-tech equipment amplifying the audio so they could hear any talk between the two boxers).

I think it was ruled that it could've been trash-talk (Which was Mercer's claim), so the evidence was inconclusive. That's what I remember on the court-hearing, but I could be wrong.

The reason I said the bribe allegation didn't cost Mercer a shot at Bowe is because Mercer was supposed to fight Bowe after his tune-up bout with Jesse Ferguson......Ferguson won by decision, so Bowe granted Ferguson a shot at the title (Which I'm sure Bowe & his people jumped at the opportunity for as Ferguson was a very easy payday for a defense).

If Ray Mercer's flaking out destroys Inoki's New Year's Eve show, it will be the most productive thing he's done in a long, long time.


Have they finalized the lineup yet for the Inoki show? Who is Inoki going to feed Yuji Nagata to for the sake of ratings?