Ray Sefo on CroCop fight: "Expect the knockout"

Legendary fighter Ray Sefo gave interview for croatian website www.profightstore.com where he talked about his upcoming fight against Mirko CroCop, K-1, MMA career, Boxing career and more.

Here is article in croatian:


And translation for UG:

PFS : How did you react when you heard Cro Cop is looking for an opponent and that he is interested in fighting you. Your last K-1 fight was over a year ago, so was this decision to fight against Mirko a no-brainer or something to think about first?

Ray Sefo : When Orsat the promoter called me and asked if I would like to fight Mirko because his (unknown) opponent couldn't fight anymore I said yes that would be awesome, I figured he would of already spoken to Mirko about fighting me because he wouldn't asked me with out Mirko saying yes first but I could be wrong.

Anyhow I was up for it right away because I would rather fight a great fighter like Mirko then to fight a no namer.... Mirko and I were matched to fight each other before when we were both on the K-1 circuit but he pulled out and I ended up fighting Mark Hunt, now that opportunity has presented itself again I couldn't say no.

It will be an honor to fight Mirko in front of his people and great people at that, I know that the Croatian people are very proud of their athletes and their people. I've always felt welcomed and treated well by the Croatian people so I'm super excited to fight for them and put on a great showing.

PFS : Since your last K-1 fight was over a year ago, many were wondering are you still an active fighter. What will happen after this fight?

Ray Sefo : I'm still very active and still very alive in the game, yes it's been a year since my last K-1 fight but I fought after that and I'm in the gym every day 6 days a week not only coaching but also training so yes I'm still very active and I'll be 100 percent ready for March 10th.

PFS : On press conference, Cro Cop showed he is well aware of you biggest strengths that made you famous. He sad that "you have a bomb in your fist". What do you think his biggest strengths are?

Ray Sefo : Mirko is great fighter but his well known for his high kicks.

PFS : You obviously have nothing but praise for Croatian fans and athletes. Do you know some of our fighters personally (other than Mirko), and did you work with any of them?

Ray Sefo : Yes I knew Bronco Cikatic when he use to fight for K-1 but no I've never worked with any of the Croatian fighter maybe sometime in the future.

PFS : Mirko said that if he's healthy, he plans to continue with kickboxing career. Do you think he can be successful?

Ray Sefo : I think the only person that can answer that question is Mirko but I'm sure if he's healthy then I don't see a problem with him wanting to continue fighting.

PFS : K-1 is in deep crisis, top fighters are leaving for MMA and boxing... What is your prediction for the future of mainstream kickboxing?

Ray Sefo : Main stream Kick Boxing will always be alive as long as the fans wanna see it and a promoter with money that is will to pay the fighters what they deserve to be paid.

PFS : How did you invest money you made in ring?

Ray Sefo : I've lost over 3 million dollars due to untrustworthy people the likes of business partners and the likes of K-1 and so on but I'm a lot more smarter now and things will be better from here on in.

PFS : You are 2-1 as an mixed martial arts fighter, and last bout was last year, but all three fights happened over a 6 year span. At this point of your career, is MMA intriguing enough for you to continue to compete as an mixed martial arts fighter in the future?

Ray Sefo : MMA is something I love and have passion for just like I do any other combat sport, yes I will continue competing in MMA as long it allows me or Kick Boxing for that matter.

PFS : You really did it all, and that includes boxing. Was busy kickboxing career a reason/one of the reasons you stopped competing in boxing?

Ray Sefo : Yes. I love boxing but due to being so busy with K-1 at the time it didn't allow me time to box other wise I would still be boxing, actually I'm looking into getting a few more boxing fights this year

PFS : Many fighters have idols and im sure you are inspiration to many. Do you idolize someone?

Ray Sefo : No not really I've never been one to Idolize another man but I have always had the upmost respect for some of the great fighters that have stepped into that ring/cage wealthier it's Boxing, Kick Boxing, or MMA.

PFS : What is your favorite moment in career (boxing, mma or kickboxing)

Ray Sefo : For me it's the Honor to step into that ring with the Best of the Best in the World and fight like warriors that's my favorite moments.

PFS : What can fans expect when you two legends cross over those ring ropes in March?

Ray Sefo : I'm 100 percent coming to win so the fans can be sure to look forward to a knock out that night, Mirko is a great fighter and I have the upmost respect for him but I'm not coming all that way to lose.

A Flock Of Seagals - Yes Mirko will get KTFO. not looking forward to that fight lol

Yep, and there will be thousands of fans to see that. More than 3000 tickets got sold in first hour. Arena holds around 18000 places, i expect at least 12000 tickets to be sold.

 ppfft CC should take him down.. he's a Gracie compared to Sefo

inf0 -  ppfft CC should take him down.. he's a Gracie compared to Sefo

It's k-1 fight, not MMA. Entire event is held under K1 rules.


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 hmmm I got CC if it's a slap fight, tickle match, basketball game.. pretty much anything