Ray Sefo wants cro-cop, kongo, barry

I actualy think him and cro-cop in a mma match would fit both guys and the points they are in their careers. A match with sefo and Kongo or barry would see sefo being killed.

Hopefully we see him in actin sooner or later, always enjoyed watching sefo fight.

they should put him with Hunto. with small gloves it would
be an epic slugfest

Lol @ his chances vs Kongo. He'd get eaten alive and left for dead. And I like Ray Phone Post

That's a dope-ass jacket.

 yea that is a dope jacket, if i was interviewing the guy i would of asked him where the hell he got it from. I could see him whooping cro cop but like you all said Barry and Kongo would be too much. What about in a k-1 match? you think Sefo would still get beat?

Kongo would do the same thing that Valentijn did.

 kongo vs. barry would be pretty good too no?