Ray Steinbeiss 8-0 Opponents 22-34

I was gonna go drive down to Stockton to watch Diaz fight. I thought it may be his redemption win against someone with a great record of 8-0. I went on Sherdog and came to find out Ray Steinbeiss' opponents records add up to 22-34. WTF? His opponent with the best record is 4-2. Great move on Stenbeiss' manager. His undefeated record is gonna get wrecked today, but that's OK cuz it's to a UFC Vet.

What a fucking joke. I'm staying home. Was hoping for a good fricking fight.

At least Diaz is gonna get a "W" tonight. No disrespect to Ray Steinbeiss, but c'mon, dude. Diaz has fought Parisyan, Riggs, Sherk, Sanchez, Lawler, Lytle, etc.

lol sounds like my record except im 7-1.

Ray wrestled for the Marines.

He also has a win over LEGIT BJJ BB Hector Munoz (who has been on a TEAR as of late)

He has HEAVY HANDS. (not that this matters..but his brother is a k-1 vet and champion kickboxer)

Ray trains with the top camp in Arizona. He has also had the advantage of having training with Diaz's former training partner Tim Mckenzie.

This fight will be good...and worth the price of admission alone.

Ray has tried to fight several "Upper level" guys..but for one reason or another...the fights get canceled or the fighter has to withdrawal from the show.

I can assure you that Ray will not get bulled over.

If you have ever seen him fight...you understand that he is a stud...and VERY EXCITING.

He hasn't fought the worlds toughest...but he has had a hard time finding someone who is willing to fight him.

Ray is wanting to put a stamp on his record...and get into the UFC.

he is not going into this fight planning on comming out 8-1.

he is planning on going into this fight, beating Diaz and getting a UFC shot.

Diaz for another loss

Ray is a a very good fighter, Randy Couture had a 14 - 7 record which is worse than some of the fighters Ray fought. You should not judge people so quickly. I saw him fight in Montana and he is impressive. Not saying he will win, but he has the tools if he can put it together.

Records in MMA are not like records in boxing.

Why dont you criticize Diaz for not even showing up to fight against Sherk to save his ufc career and then bitch about an obvious decision.Also,Ray himself has stated that he wants to test himself.As hongkongphooey said he was going to step in the ring with Guymon before the rained out kotc so clearly hes not afraid of tough fighters.4160 seems like a good guy so be cool...

Ray Elbe, you sold me - I'm about to fight the Friday commute and come watch your boy Steinbeiss do his thing. I hope he does well. I don't give a rat's ass about who wins. I just want a good fight.

I don't judge by record...only. I judge by the quality of opponents primarily. But lets be real here, between the combined records of his opponents and the lack of familiarity of his opponents, it doesn't look good on paper.

If Steinbeiss does win tonight, it'll be a great win for him.


I'm glad your going to watch his fight.

Even if he does lose...it will be the fight of the night.

he is going to sprawl and brawl...

and if Diaz tries talking any shyt...Ray will talk right back...and keep throwing bombs.

NO WAY diaz takes Ray down...

and I think if Ray avoids the sumbissions...he can win a decesion or get a KO.

Diaz has heavy hands as well...This fight is going to be fire works.

Most of my opponents have bad records as well, except Danny Wren. I
beleive he is 7-2 now. Remember, we dont usually pick our opponents,
and in there is no point in fighting real good guys until you have the
experience you need. Ray feels like he is ready now, so good for him.

"BJJ BB Hector Munoz"

If the first "B" in that stands for brown, then we got a deal.

Steinbeiss beat Hajicek who is a tough mutha-F'er. I'm a Steinbeiss fan off that alone. This has the makin's of a good fight.

My 0.02 cents

Ray has a great mental game in addition to his punching power. And besides that he is just a all around good human being, plus my kid thinks a lot of him! So take that you doubters!!! lol

I thought Hector recently was promoted to a Black Belt.

~sorry for the mix up.


cmon now

you dont actually think Nick will get knocked out, do ya?

Riggs couldnt do it

Lawler couldnt do it

i doubt steinbess will

only way steinbess beats Nick is via decision, just like his other recent losses

Any Results????

I'm proud of Ray.

Way to step up...a dec loss to Diaz is still a very good showing.

8-1....but he went to war.

he could have been 14-0 before he had to fight a fighter as tough as Diaz.

A true fighter...who deserves props on taking a tough fight and not protecting his undefeated record.


Good job Ray, not the outcome you wanted but good showing bro!

"NO WAY diaz takes Ray down... Diaz took him down a few times. But you're right he fought well and should be commended on stepping up. Tough kid with a good future in the sport.