Razor Scooter Game

Razor Freestyle a game made for Playstation in 2001. You ride around on razor scooters, well i had this game and if you dont already know it, you would never guess whos in it. You wont believe me so take a look for yourself. I have no idea why what so ever hes in this game but makes me laugh everytime i think about it. http://www.gamewinners.com/playstation/RazorFreestyleScooter.htm

TTT does no one car about this TITO ORTIZ is in a Razor Scooter video game, hahaha does anyone know why?

Tito would put his face on a urinal cake if he knew it would make him money.

Tito making his bread by renting his name lol



 It`s on sale right now in the WRONG FORUM ASSHOLE.

no no its about tito a hole hahaa

crowbar -  It`s on sale right now in the WRONG FORUM ASSHOLE.


someone get us a fucking pic of tito on a scooter so the romosexuals can get to work. i cant wait to see tito scooter vs fedor E. punchout.