RDA vs Covington official for interim title


There it is boys, the dumbest interim title fight of all. My question is, If Woodley fights in July like he is stating, what if the winner of this fight isnt ready? So Woodley would defend his title and there is an interim still hanging around? Thats dumb.

don't try to make sense of their decisions you'll just end up hurting your brain

RIP Colby. 

Shouldn't it be Wonderboy vs RDA, according to the rankings?  

Silverball - 

Shouldn't it be Wonderboy vs RDA, according to the rankings?  

I am sick of Wonderboy, the dude is only good when he is fighting mid level fighters. Idk why people dont give him shit about those lame ass fights he had with Rory and with Tyron the second time.

Wme suck mah bawhs 

I don’t care for Woodley at all, but this is ridiculous. I want to see Colby fight RDA, but it should be a #1 contender fight. Just when you thought interim championships couldn’t get any dumber they do this. 

I used to consider the interim the champ. He still had to beat the champ but I felt it was a legitimate title. Now I don't. Everyone in the UFC is an interim champ at this point