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I remember coming home and my wife having Benny on and I would get so mad like in the flesh in a heartbeat. I couldnt stand that Guy, but the Lord showed me thru a miracle that this was an annointed of his.
Secular TV is gonna try to deter any work of the Lord. They will hate you because they hated me, Jesus said. Is Benny Hinn doing the lords work? Well, Are people getting saved by the thousands? yes they are.
the deciples came to Jesus and said there are some casting out demons in your name but they are not one of us what should we do, Christ instructed them to do nothing. stating that if they arent against us, they are for us. Is Jesus getting the Glory from Hinn? yes. As for those people that call themselves Christians that try to expose Hinn for whatever, Are they following Christ? If Christ instructed the Appostles to leave people like that alone, wouldnt he also instruct them? God never changes!, Which brings me to another important matter here. God will not tolerate the verbal blasting of his annointed as we see with the Children who were tore apart for mocking Elijah. Those were Children! What less would he do to you? If you have an oppinion about someone doing Gods work, Id advise you take it up with God as I did and let Him deal with the truth as hes done with so many. Murph

Benny Hinn is a fraud, does God bless that? Benny Hinn is a liar, does God bless that? Does God want people to live so opulently? If God wanted people to be so rich why did he tell the rich young ruler to sell all he had and give it to the poor? If Benny is walking true to Gods call why doesn't his own brother, a pastor, support him?

People get saved at his things? Well did he save them? Or did people get emotional about watching someone they thought was doing miracles, but actually he was just doing cheap parlor tricks, and in their emotional state just say a prayer?

My wife lost her mother to cancer when she was eleven years old. But you know what sucks worse than that? She lost her mom because she was so caught up with that faith bullshit that she didn't go to the doctor till it was too late. You know what sucks more than that? The fact that she lost her dad also, why because he was so consumed with guilt, that he checked out, he sat in front of the tv and didn't pay any attention to his teen aged daughters who were struggling with the loss of their mother. WHy was he feeling so guilty? Because those morons convinced him that his wife died because he didn't have enough faith.

There are not many things God hates, but the bible says he hates a haughty look, and a lying tongue. Both of them describe Benny Hinn. You want to like him fine, I think him and his ilk will have a special place in hell.

the rev

T he rev is correct. I have seen first hand real healings, but they werent in an arena with 20,000 people. Benny cares more about benny, then he does spreading the gospel. He will be held accountable for what he's done and said.

yours in Christ


Wow a foul mouth Rev, That says it all for you Bro.
Sherm, I dont really like the guy either b-cause of the flashy suits and the mone asking, but people are accepting Jesus Christ as lord and savior at these exhibits.

Yeah, Paul was known to use a word or two that was unpopular in his day. Way to point the finger at me and not respond to the truth.

And, Holyfields "miracle" was late proved to be nothing of the sort. The first medical report was misread, he was never sick to begin with. However, even if you say he was healed, or can prove it, the fact is God heals people, not Benny Hinn. Not me when I pray for the sick. Jesus would often say, don't tell anyone, Hinn puts it on tv. When they did an expose they could not find one person who had actually been healed. The woman who the Hinn people told them to talk to, who had been healed of cancer along with her son, was still dying of cancer, and her son was already dead. He is a fraud.

Now if you want me to get into the real meaning of texts concerning language, just let me know. Ofcourse, it would probably be easier to just say, God spoke to my heart and said it was okay, than to get out the greek new testement and really do a serious study.

the rev

We are appointed a time to live and a time to die.
If those people died and were believers then they are better off dead. To live is Christ but to die is gain.
If you call yourself a Christian and use foul language then I have every right to JUDGE you on it. Do you even know who Jesus Christ is, other than some superficial knowledge you picked up when things were going your way? are you going thru the fire and cant handle it? Bible says that we are known by the spirit and you are not known. Discernment tells me that you were of the faith but are so backsliddin that you no longer know the truth. The man who sees and turns the backsliddin to light covers a multitude of sin.There can be no division in the body of Christ, so no, you cannot represent Christ and use foul language.Are you that weak? Did you not know that you can not serve God and Mammon? no one can serve two masters he will either love the one and hate the other or will cling to the one and despise the other. When the lord lays it on my heart, I post here, nothing more. Oh, and God also says (Refering to Hinn) I will have mercy on who I will have mercy and compassion on who I will have compassion. So not everyone that attends will be healed. If God laid it on my heart to go see a faith healer then I would then have the faith to recieve but other than that Im cool w/ a Dr. Funny how the secular world want nothing to do with God until their sick then they expect something. Dont get me wrong, God sometime uses sickness to bring a sinner to repentance knowing their time is short and havin mercy on them. they may think that their gonna get a healing but they in turn gained much more, eternal life. So dont sell short the Glory of Jesus in an attempt to have someone on a forum think your cool because your not.My Prayers, Murph.

Murphy, if you knew your bible better you would understand that the words I used are under no condemnation. When Jesus seperates the sheep from the goats he doesn't ask them who said a bad word and who didn't. Also if you studied the greek you would see that every thing Paul says about the subject is in reference to sexual things. Innuendo, seductive talk, and the like. Also the insulting of people using words is something I do not do, or if I make a mistake I apologize for.

As to my standing with Jesus, well let's just say I have been walking strongly with him for 19 years, have been ministering to the poor, the sick, the outcasts, and my family for all of that time. I am very confident I am not backslidden as you say, in fact I am in the process of going to Australia to help start churches in poor, drug infested neighborhoods.

As for division in the body, what do you think of the Mormons? The Jehovahs witnesses? The Roman Catholic church? The Oneness pentecostals? I am sure you think they are all just perfect don't you. Well guess what they all consider themselves God's annointed, they all consider themselves Christians, are they? Don't sow desension now.

The fact is Benny's own brother, who knows him much better than you and I, condemns his ministry. He has uttered false prophecies. He has repeatedly used abberant teachings. His finances are the epitome of worshiping mammon, you should hear one of his partners explain why he left the ministry because of Benny's financial "sins"

There are false prophets, and false teachers, preaching to people with itching ears. That is the bible, Jesus warns us of these. Benny is one of those, and he has hurt the gospel of Christ. The fact is he cannot show one legitimate miracle to a tv station that was doing a story on him, why? Because there aren't any. And people have come forward and explained how he tricks people into seeming like they have been healed.

The slain by the spirit stuff. Well why don't you go watch some dim mak videos, or some other chi related martial arts stuff, their instructors do the same thing. Are they using God's Spirit? Or maybe in that case it's the devil, but in Benny's case it isn't right?

You really shouldn't put your faith in a man that drives around in a rolls royce, but rather in one that walked the earth, with a few of his friends, had no home, had no kingdom on earth, but the heavenly kingdom was always in his midst.

the rev