Re Cro V. Fedor

Rewatching Cro V Fedor now.
What I think separates Fedor from the rest is how he was rocked by Crocop, yet maintained composure and actually turned the situation to his advantage. He consistently pushed Crocop and wasn't afraid to engage. Seems like that's where Silva/Arona went wrong. Vanderlai didn't lay it on the line like maybe he should have. Fedor looked like a champion.

backing fedor up constantly took away alot of his power. also fedor could strike at liesure cuz he feared no takedown. cro struck timidly cuz he feared the takedown.

fedor did look like the champion he is, in that fight

but props to crocop too, he hung in there with fedor better than anyone else previously

"backing fedor up constantly took away alot of his power"

Huh? I'm not sure I follow. Mirko was backpedaling almost the entire fight.

Also, Cro Cop stated that he lost because when he rocked Fedor he went for the high kick rather than finishing with punches like he should've. Yet in rewatching it, the high kick had no effect 'cause Mirko did immediately attack with punches. It's just that Fedor is that good that he took him down afterwards.

I know the high kick only grazed Fedor but when you watch it it's fuckin' awesome how he calmly walks right forward to Crocop after gettin' kicked in the head. No hesitation just determination.