? re: lloyd irvin's S&C book

I can't seem to find where it says how many times/week you should be doing each of the routines. Anyone able to offer help/insight?



i want to sell my copy of Lloyd's work out book. Interested? Make me an offer at vince@kdta.com
I'm in Malaysia so there will be additional shipping costs.

I HAVE the book, thanks.

i guess the book is not all that it was marketed to be?

The Dice are a cool idea, and I have found them somewhat useful when I don't have much time. The MOD-1 is a MUCH better investment IMO, however.

I was interested in getting Lloyd'sbook...opinions on it would be interesting.

Also what's MOD-1?

A product offered on www.trainforstrength.com. It's put together by Wayne Fischer (SCRAPPER - a moderator on this forum). It's the best value that I have ever found in terms of fitness instruction - you get this and follow the workouts and you will get in shape. There's enough variety to last a long time. I have both the mod-1 and Lloyd's book, and I have to honestly say that the mod-1 is MUCH better.


I couldn't agree more!

Two thumbs up for Mod 1


lets do a trade. You wanted some books from me right? I'll trade you what ever book(s) you wanted for the Loyde Irvin book. (I am just curious)

This way you'll get the boo you want and I'll get something new to look at.


e-mail me at: strengthonline@yahoo.com


Drop me an email if you dont mind at bjjconditioning@yahoo.com

I've got some questions for you, and maybe an easy setup for that meathook transition to the back triangle you asked about once. It's really just a minute variation on what you are already doing, but i've been working on it and wonder what you think.

I'll be able to tell you how many times per week to do it.



you've got mail

you've got mail

I agree that the MOD 1. is one of the best products out there. I give it my highest rating.


Can someone please explain the differences between the two products that make MOD-1 better than Lloyd's S&C book. Is mainly because MOD-1 has a book and multimedia or is there more to it than that?? Thanks!

the mod 1 is better for the reason you stated above, but it goes deeper than that. lloyd's book is not put together very well. there are spelling mistakes abound, and more importantly the descriptions an exercise is missing and some exercises have the wrong explanations for them. the pictures are sparse as well. and the workout progression is simply the addition of more reps and exercises to the basic beginner workout, whereas scrapper's mod 1 has completely different workouts that vary in difficulty.

thanks for explanation!


Are there really spelling mistakes? I asked lloyd once if he wanted me to read his stuff over to fix all the grammatical errors.

He wasn't interested. ;)

I dont know if he actually wrote it or not, but he NEVER spell checks it seems.