RE: Nate Diaz

How many fighters can lose a fight, in pretty dominant fashion, and have their stock rise? This is why the Diaz brothers are beloved in this sport.

Yeah, he could have not stent precious time showboating at the end and maybe got the finish. But that’s not Nate Diaz. There’s a reason he wins about half his high profile fights and it’s still a star.

He received the biggest pop entering the cage last night. And in losing this fight probably gained even more fans.

People want to bitch at Diaz bros, and I get it, but they are true throwback fighters and fight fans absolutely love them win, lose our draw.

You know every time you watch a Diaz fight you will be entertained.

I hope he gets a favorable matchup next fight. Imo he’ll never hold the belt but he is one of the top 10 draws in the UFC.


It helped that he ended big. If he hadn’t I don’t know if people would have felt same. I guess Conor is next up (soon) and then retirement? He’s 36…



call me crazy, I think his stock would have risen more if he finished the fight instead of pointing…


I was wondering if Nate thought Edward’s was playing up being hurt to catch him coming in. It became apparent it was legit pretty fast though. I haven’t shot out of my seat during a fight in a long time. It would have been sweet to see him pull it off.


Obviously yes, but his stock rose anyway. Nate will always pop the crowd.

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I honestly think his leg damage stopped him from completely chasing down Edwards effectively while he was hurt.


Yeah that leg was fucked man.

Good post

It’s not always apparent to us, but fighters generally know when they hit solid.

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He was too busy doing stupid showboat shit to finish Edwards when the dude couldn’t even stand up straight.

The Diaz brothers are their own worst enemy and are popular with mumbling retards.


Yeah… The entire arena and millions of people who buy his pov fights are so mumbling retards. I personally can’t stand listening to either ones of the Diaz’s but fortunately this isn’t a sport about who has the best vocabulary. This is a sport about fighting and you know, no matter what they will always fight to entertain. No matter how much damage they take.


Yes. They are retards. They are middling talents who threw half their careers away and flip people off a lot.

Nate had a massive win he threw in the garbage last nite because he was too busy keeping it real.

People like that do nothing to elevate MMA. They appeal to idiots.


Nate needs to be tall and have range to have his style work. His hands and his old school closed guard too.
At like 5’11” 6 foot that’s just not fall for 170 no more. He’s the same height abs just puny next to them. And he’s never done shit at 170.
At 155 I still think he could surprise some guys & at least not getting ragdolled in the clinch. He was just outrageously over powered by leon & masvidal.
He got Pettis who himself is a 155er that hasn’t done well in years.
Nate’s skills are still there- he and his brother have never been able to beat great wrestlers with good sub defense.and he’d still little chance against a khabib or Gillespie type but if he gets the right style match I think he does well at 155.
But do not see him ever winning again at 170.

170ers are on average 190 in the cage.
A guy 6 foot 190 witg little fat should look jacked.
Nate is puny. Hes either not cutting or has some crap genetics.
There are guys significantly taller than him that are far thicker.
A guy like Douglas Lima looks 2 weights above nate.
Really really really wanna see him 170 and for he and cerrone & some others to stop being old lazy bastards & stepping in at weights they are far too weak to win at.


Oh wow which Diaz bro fucked your girl?
Nate is an amazing fighter with a low level education. That’s what happens when you grow up in Stockton man. He isn’t a retard, he said it himself he struggled learning growing up.


He’s playing it up too. Ask anyone that talks to the Dias Bros not on camera. They are much more articulate & normal than you’d think.
At least that’s my experience.
They were actually polite.
I was kinda disappointed …

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I’m not sure about throwing their careers away. Both of them are millionaires. Very few MMA fighters can say that. They will never win a UFC title but it’s called “PRIZE fighting” for a reason.



Exactly this. You can tell the type of person someone is by if they’re a Diaz fan. It’s hilarious and pathetic all in one.

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Exactly as I saw it. He pointed at him mockingly and THEN realized he’s really hurt. He made sure and then he tried to finish after that non stop.