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So the thousands of people who cheered when he walked out are all the same type of people? Man leave the basement every once in awhile


My point stands. You’ve proved my statement by your comment child.



JuicedBeast doing his thesis:

‘What Makes a Diaz Fan? Conundrums and Intricacies of the 209 Fanbase’

Point proven again. Thanks!

I must have missed it

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“I got cut in training, that’s why we had to push the fight back,” Diaz told reporters. “And I kinda lost all motivation to train and work out hard and all that. So I kinda just lingered around for a month, getting ready for war like that.

“At the end of the day, I felt like… he won or whatever, but I feel like I’m the better fighter, still, regardless. I feel like the peak of the fight is what matters in the fight, anyway.

“I just kinda winged it. I was just kinda walking through that fight, trying to get to the next point in this whole game. I didn’t feel like I was ever really in any danger.

You can tell who are miserable Nancy’s are by these type of posts. You are the same insecure beta dorks who immediately tell that hog you call a girlfriend a guy is on steroids when you walk past a yoked guy at the beach.

Self esteem is the esteem of yourself, you look ridiculous.


“His leg was done in the first round, he went five rounds taking leg kicks, bleeding out of both sides of his head,” White told reporters, including MMA Junkie, post-fight at UFC 263. “One was squirting this way, one way squirting this way. He was still doing what the Diaz brothers do. He was working the whole fight to get into his head and try to make him make a mistake, and then he eventually caught him in the fifth round. He’s unbelievable. He’s gonna be asking us for a six-round fight next time.”

Diaz had now lost back-to-back fights, and three of his past four overall. He said post-fight that it was his wish to return to the octagon within the next three or four months, but did not name any specific opponents for his next bout.

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Talk about a thin skinned girl. Haha you’re pathetic!

I really think if Nate went right after him when he was hurt he could have finished Edwards. Sad he wasted that time show boating.


I am a Diaz fan, but I couldn’t agree more. The finish would have been the ultimate satisfaction.


This. Edwards was clearly badly hurt and Nate stands there pointing at him… wtf get in there and finish him … that was almost painful to watch

Edwards really did not look good last night … he has nothing for Usman lol


I thought his striking looked good but I agree he has nothing for Usman, Colby, or Masvidal.

Masvidal needs to be next for Edwards.

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My thought in the 5th when Nate turned up the intensity and had him rocked with little time left was, “Why couldn’t he have done this in the third?”

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The fact that Nate–a past-his-prime lightweight coming off a layoff–had a massive win against a top three welterweight shows that you’re wrong about his talent. The fact that he threw it away shows that you’re right about his retardation.

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