RE: Nate Diaz

Do you have to have some form of legitimate mental illness to be a Diaz fan?

Special needs

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You tell us…you’re the one who’s flat out obsessed with him. Don’t deny it, you’ve been in every thread for years talking shit.

Yes they do and are.


Riiiight. Guess you’re just smarter then everyone on here. We can’t all be such bad assets like you

I think he was legit tired too. You can be in great shape, but nothing can replicate being in the cage under the lights with thousands of fans screaming.

Probably true based on most of your posts…


Fuckin moran

Nate faked being rocked earlier in the fight I think he was tired and also didn’t want to be baited into a faking Leon.

The fight was won for Leon at that point…pointless to fake being rocked

It’s ridiculous that some of you are acting like the only people that like to watch Nate fight are retards. He’s had a lot of exciting fights and I enjoy watching him. Same for Nick.


Shut up you bitch ass pussy lame…


It’s really just one poster in thinking is using his alt account to agree with himself. There’s no way you can’t get excited to watch Nate or Nick fight. Especially with the right matchup.

Sorry bud, but this is my only account and I stick by my opinion about the Diaz brothers and their fans.

Not everyone likes someone as retard as they are and how they carry themselves.

Never been a fan of them and never will.

If he ever spent any time working on defending leg kicks he might not find his leg functionality compromised when he needs it most. This shit isn’t new. It’s nice to have the cardio to be the aggressor late in fights. But if your leg is too fucked up for you to be able to capitalize on a guy who is out on his feet in Leon, and a gassed out Conor running for dear life, maybe you should consider learning how to protect your legs so you can capitalize on these opportunities.

I don’t think his stock rose at all, it’s already really high and getting his ass kicked for 24 minutes didn’t change it imo. Nothing lost, nothing gained, just another great Diaz moment.

Lol I love watching the Diaz Bros, I’m a fan for sure. I think Nate was a moran for not capitalizing.


Give him Mas and then a title shot fuck it


Tired and had taken a lot of damage. He backed away the entire fight when he was getting hurt. Rushing in wouldn’t have been wise. Another round he may have got the finish, or Edwards may have recovered. Almost like we need a “dude is rocked” extra round to get a finish haha

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