RE: "Renzo quit on me"

I really hope Baroni knocks Franks ass out.

TTT for Renzo, a guy who let Sakaraba rip his arm off and still didnt tap taking "The easy way out"

LOL @ ripping his arm off..

it popped out of the socket.. the bone was not broken or anything..

I have popped my should playhing football and kept playing.. popped my knee in football.. and jammed my hand.. playing football.. football is a tough sport :)

I bet you Renzo has had the shoulder popped before.. pls you have the adrenaline going..

I am more impressed with Forrest Griffin's win of having a broken arm and then KOing the guy with his other hand.

the arm was bent 90 deg in the wrong direction at the ELBOW

have you had someone crank on your arm in that situation ? dork

"Renzo spit on me"

-shungo oyama

Oyama is a fayg.

lol @ saying Sak Ripping Renzo's arm apart is nothing...

oh man...seriously let me do that to you..and I'll promise you'd tap like the mat was on fire.

LOL at Renzo "letting" Sakuraba do that to his arm.

Sak had a standing kimura and fell on the arm, ballistically popping the arm out. Renzo looked like he was in shock from a clinical standpoint. He was just laying there all confused like he didn't quite understand what had happened.